Juan Manuel Marquez wins a UD against Mike Alvarado

Marquez wins against Alvarado

By: Chris DeGuia

May 19, 2014

For the main event it was nearly a packed crowd. Everyone was cheering and screaming "Marquez, Marquez, Marquez!" In round 1, Marquez started with a straight left jab and landed 2 left hooks, then 2 left straight hands followed by a right hook. Marquez would continue boxing by landing a straight right hand but then Mike Alvarado would land two right hooks. That was the end of round 1. In round 2,Marquez lands a left straight hand to the body, then Alvarado would land a left hook of his own, then a straight right hand followed by a left hook. Marquez lands a left uppercut and from there both fighters would counter one another. Marquez lands a 1-2 combination followed by an uppercut and from there until the end of round 2 both fighters would land hook, and uppercuts at one another. In round 3, Marquez lands a right hook, then he would land a left hook, followed by a right hook to the body and a straight left hand. After landing those shots, Marquez lands 2 uppercuts followed by a right straight hand at Alvarado. Mike would then land a left hook and Marquez would land a right hook to the body on Alvarado. Round 4, Marquez lands a left hook then Mike would land his left hook then Marquez lands a straight left hand followed by combinations then a left hook to the body. Alvarado, would land a straight left hand and Marquez would land his straight right hand, and followed by 2 left uppercuts. Both fighters towards the end of round 4 would trade shots and counter one another. In round 5, Alvarado would start landing body shots, while Marquez would land hooks to the body followed by 2 left straight hands, then a left hook. Marquez would then land 1-2 combinations and the fighters would clinch. From the clinch Marquez would land uppercuts while Mike would land straight left hands. Both fighters towards the end of round 5, would once again trade shots at one another. Round 6, Marquez lands 1-2 uppercuts and Mike would land hooks to the body on Marquez as well as combinations. That was round 6. Round 7, Marquez lands combinations, Mike would land shots at Marquez but Marquez would land a left hook followed by a left uppercut and a straight right hand. Both fighters until the end of the round would trade with one another. In round 8, Alvarado would land aright hook then Marquez lands a left hook followed by a right hook. 2 left hooks by Marquez followed by a body shotthen a straight left hand then a right hook. IN the final seconds of round 8, Marquez would land a lazy left hook then would land a right hook that would dropped Alvarado. From there Alvarado would fall outside of the ropes and the ref counted Alvarado. But Mike got up and was able to continue fighting. In round 9, Mike Alvarado would land a straight right hand that would dropped Marquez. That even the knockdowns for both fighters. From there, the ref counted Marquez but he was able to get up and continue fighting. Both fighters would then trade shots back and fourth at one another until the end of round 9. In round 10, Marquez lands a shot at Alvarado while they are clinching, Uppercuts by Marquez then Alvarado would land a right hook then he (Juan) lands wild shots at Mike followed by 1-2 straight hands. That was round 10. Round 11, Marquez lands 1-2 combinations followed by uppercuts. Then Alvarado would land a left hook followed by 1-2 combinations then a left hook to the body. Mike would land straight hands that wobbled Marquez and both fighters brawl until the end of round 11. In the final round (12th) Alvarado and Marquez would trade shots at one another, then Mike would have Juan on the ropes and he lands shots. Both fighters would land 1-2 combinations and uppercuts. Towards the end of round 12, both fighters traded with one another until the bell sounds. That was the end of the fight. The two judges scored the fight with 117-109 and one judge had it 119-108. Your winner Juan Manuel Marquez.

I enjoyed the fight overall because I was able to get a table and watch the fight with the rest of the media at ringside. Also, the fans as well as the media were into the fight until it was all over. Especially with both fighters evening the knockdown at one each.Thank you Top Rank for letting Boxingsocialist cover this fight.        

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Comment by BoxingSocialist on May 19, 2014 at 4:21pm

Good write up.

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