Lamont Peterson: I wanted to Fight Danny Garcia after My Last Fight

Lamont Peterson     
Hello, everybody. How are you doing? I'm feeling great, trying to keep working hard and just ready to fight August 9.
I think a lot of people thought that you might be fighting Danny Garcia, who is in the main event on next Saturday. What were your thoughts about that, that that's not the fight, that you're fighting Santana instead?
L. Peterson   
Well, I fought that night, everyone that's interviewing me; I let them know I wanted to fight Danny Garcia next because that's what the fans wanted to see. For me, if the fans want to see me fight someone, I'm going to push for that fight, so that's what I did. But it just didn't happen. At the end of the day I'm going to end up fighting a good fighter, Edgar Santana, and hopefully it can happen next time.
Did you push hard for the Garcia fight and were you surprised that you couldn't have your side get that fight done?
L. Peterson   
It's boxing. Everything has to make sense from that end. But, if I can win this fight, win or lose, that's the fight that I want to happen. Of course, me winning the fight will make it more pleasing because I leave with my title and hopefully he leaves with his and maybe it can happen because it's really the biggest fight you can make at the weight class, it's the fight that the fans want to see at the weight class and I'm willing to do it.
So, are you in a situation where if things go your way August 9 that you'll finish up your fight with Edgar and come out to the ring and pay close attention to what Danny's doing in his fight?
L. Peterson   
Well, I'm not going to really pay close attention to it. I pretty much know Danny is a top fighter. He can handle himself at that level and I can handle myself at that level. So, I won't be really focused on him or anything like that. The first thing I have to do is take care of my business and if I do that, then I'll just be ready to celebrate and relax and get ready for the next one.


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