Landing the big fight has always been an issue

By Kevin Davis


Landing the big fight has always been the sport of boxing biggest problem. They are many aspects as to why these fights don't happen mostly it's greed by all parties and sometimes it's just risk vs reward. The fans just don't care or have any remorse for the fighters, they just want to see a fight. The only experience most of us will ever have of the big fight will be on a television but as long as you see the fight, that's all that matters. 


Many fans believe Leonard's detached retina was the reason for the fight between him and Arron Pyror did not materialize but there was more to this story negotiations did take place and the deal breaker came when Team Leonard wanted additional test for illegal substances. While Iron Mike Tyson, was locked away in a cell a fighter from his hometown was king of the ring after besting Evander Holyfield, Riddick Bowe was the biggest fight to be made at that time, and Tyson was locked away. Did you know that negotiations took place with Team Tyson, while he was in prison and they worked out a deal to get him out early, so that a fight could be made. 


All Mike Tyson had to do was admit guilt to sexual assault and he would have his sentence reduced and he would have been released on time served. Tyson who has always denied the charges would never admit guilt to a crime he said he never committed. That fight got blown up after Bowe life went down a crazy spiral out of control. Now you have Mayweather vs Pacquiao, the biggest hyped up fight in history, but if you look closely at the sport, other great fights are being made. Fans are so focused on the big fight, that they lose sight that the best fights are being made, and that they enjoyed the fights that had happened. 


The next day, the fans would go back to their internet keyboards and say how Mayweather and Pacquiao fight not happening is killing the sport after they have just seen great fights, in which did great viewing numbers and had great approval ratings. not to mention, they like the fight also. Fans don't seem to understand that ego goes a long way in this sport and this is a business. Who would put Manny Pacquiao in the ring with Floyd Mayweather, then try to rebuild him back up after he fails, miserably. If the fans ran the business it would be bankrupt in less than a month. 


Fighters have to be marketed correctly, to make it a big fight. Then everyone will want their slice of the pie and have reasons as to why they should get more, many names you may never hear or care about, but through modern technology advancement, the fans are along for the ride as they now know who is the matchmaker, lawyers, promoters, managers, trainers, etc. and can reach then via social media, which makes it hard to negotiate. Floyd has made great attempts to get this going only to be met with crazy restrictions on drug testing which shouldn't be a problem but is, now it's about money. 


When a fight gets this built up with no result, fans take their anger out on the sport, which just isn't fair. Arguing over who is at fault for the fight not happening is not going to fix the problem, when the only answer is to refuse to support other plans of the fighters until they give you the fans the fight you want. Both have been making good money without fighting each other so this must mean you all are happy with the opponents they have been fighting.

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Comment by Val Soliman on February 10, 2013 at 7:31pm

it would be great if the sanctioning bodies are strictly implementing rankings and mandatory title defense. the best fights the best. that's what the fans want. 

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