Lara: 'I can beat Mayweather and Canelo can't win a round against me'

By Kevin Davis

Karceno: Hello champ so let's get right into it, you got the fight you wanted and quickly did that surprise you.


Lara: "Yes it did, I thought they were going to waste my time, but no they were serious, and I respect them for making this fight happen."


Karceno: now Canelo has said that he's giving you this shot because you disrespected the Mexican fighters on social media is this true?


Lara: "No it wasn't disrespect, I've told him to his face i respected him as a fighter, just for challenging me he should be respected, but what I told him was true about the Cuban fighters we dominate Mexican style fighters, the Cuban school of boxing toys with the're style of boxing."


Karceno: Now you have to back that up against the fast a strong Canelo, you think you can handle the nerves of a big mega fight of this nature. I think they are hoping it's a bit much for you.


Lara: Whatever they need to get in the ring use it, all he has to do is show up and I will do the rest, He needed an extra pound to come in at 155, I said okay, I don't care I want him in that ring, but I do think that he will honor the contract and come in at the agreed weight."


Karceno: do you see a Mayweather fight in the possible future if you get past Canelo?


Lara: "When I get past Canelo, yes, that's my goal because I know how to beat him, it will take the Cuban school to beat him, fighters rely on one thing to defeat him, that's why they lose, when he adjusts in the ring, his opponents can never make an adjustment, because they are so focused on one thing."


Karceno: I know it had to cross your mind that he's a big star and the judges may give him a fight that he truly didn't win, are you concerned about that.


Lara: "We are aware of these things, I've been cheated before, but We are preparing for Canelo to make the last bell. If we get to the final bell okay, we will deal with that when it comes, but I beat him either way, Canelo can't win a round against me. I know I have better boxing than him and he will see in July, why Oscar didn't want me to fight  Canelo."

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Comment by one... on May 9, 2014 at 1:08pm

Knock it off! You had trouble with Angulo.

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