Listening to fans negotiate boxing matches is pure comedy

By Kevin Davis


Boxing fans are the most delusional fans in the world when it comes to the sport they love. They want to be a part of the conversations so bad, because they love the sport so much they just start talking about contracts and budgets, to the point it makes you laugh, but what even more scary is that they are serious! 


Alan Kremer, a sportswriter for a local newspaper interviews a boxing fan on the streets, who gives advice on fixing the Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao issue. One fan said "Just go to Pacquiao promoter and say how much money you want to make the fight is 100 million and Floyd is going to make near 300 million anyhow." yes that would work in a perfect world in which everyone is crazy. How about this one "Showtime need to buy HBO out because they are about to shutdown anyway so they will have Manny Pacquiao." Yes that's remotely the dumbest thing anyone could ever believe, the baby company Showtime can buy out the giants at HBO, wow. No one watches HBO..are you serious? 


One fan believes that if Mayweather would just split the money down the middle with Manny Pacquiao that it would solve the problem..No s*** it would. I would never give someone more money than they are worth just to make a fight. I could see if it's something small. but this is far more money than I think Manny Pacquiao is worth. He's on the decline and Mayweather numbers are at it's highest point right now. 

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