Luis Collazo is the WRONG Opponent for Victor Ortiz's Return

By Shawn Craddick

We all love to see what Victor Ortiz is going to do in the ring. He is an exciting fighter who comes to bring entertainment. Victor is always that one punch away from ending the night for any opponent. He was doing fairly well against Floyd Mayweather until he dropped his guard and got caught. Floyd was beginning to pick him apart slowly with timed punches and movement.

Luis Collazo is not as fast or swift as Floyd but he is has enough movement and pop to make Victor Ortiz respect him and not come winging in with crazy punches just to try to get him out of there. Luis has faced some tough competition. He lost to Ricky Hatton at the height of Ricky's career. He lost to Shane Mosley who was coming off of 2 Fernando Vargas wins and he lost to Andre Berto who most people thought he beat Berto easily. Nobody knows what happened in the Freddy Hernandez loss.

Luis is as tough as they get and he's a southpaw. He has been active fighting twice in 2013 and is going to give Victor Ortiz fits in his return. He is also fighting in his hometown of Brooklyn at the Barclays Center. Not only will Luis have the crowd behind him, he will have the judges too if the fight is close. One thing though and that's Victor has a punchers chance. What we don't know is how well Ortiz jaw is going to hold up after it got broken in the Lopez fight. To fight Luis Collazo you have to have "mental" toughness because he will stay right on you the whole 10 rounds and won't let up. Tough win for Ortiz. I don't think he will pull it off.

Luis Collazo will start off with Upset of the year. I like Victor Ortiz, I just think this is the wrong opponent for him to come back against. Let's see.


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Comment by one50 on December 20, 2013 at 4:50pm

In the Floyd fight if you call losing every round doing good then Victor as doing dam good!

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