Jessie, Diego Magdaleno and Esquiva Falcao win

By: Chris DeGuia

February 16, 2014

For Valentines Day Saturday, I attended the fights that were hosted by Top Rank Promotions. My focus on the fights were the professional debut of former Olympian Silver Medalist in the 2012 Summer Olympics Esquiva Falcao and the Magdaleno brothers.

They were all fighting in Hawaiian Gardens, California that was sold out. Every seat was filled including the table seats as well.

Before those three fighters fought, I decided to focus on a few fights. One of the fights that I focused on was the Adam Fiel vs Luis Paleyo bout. that was a four rounder On that fight, in round 1, Fiel landed a straight right hand that dropped Paleyo. The ref did a ten count but Paleyo got back up and was able to continue fighting. In round 2, both fighters exchanged shots back and fourth as well as applying pressure. That was it for round 2. In round 3, both fighters hold, exchanged shots with one another and applied pressure (the same in round 2). While in the fourth in final round, Fiel landed a right hook and both fighters hold and exchanged shots with one another. When the fourth round ended the three judges scored the bout 38-37, 39-36 and 40-35, the winner Adam Fiel.

The next bout was the Gary Salazar vs Carlos Gonzalez fight. In that fight, in round 1 Salazar landed a left hook to the head that dropped Gonzalez. The ref counted ten but Gonzalez was unable to get back up. The winner for that fight by knockout, Gary Salazar.

Finally, it was time for the Magdaleno brothers to fight.

The first Magdaleno to fight on Valentines Day Saturday was younger brother Jessie. Jessie fought Roberto Castaneda in an 8 round bout. In round 1, both fighters were feeling out but Jessie threw 1-2 combinations. Round 2, The crowd chanted "Jessie, Jessie, Jessie." With the crowd behind Jessie, Jessie threw body shots and straight shots. Then he (Jessie) landed crazy combinations that dropped Castaneda twice. Castaneda was able to get back up and continue fighting. In round 3, Jessie continue to land 1-2 combinations to the head and body through out round 3. Round 4, Roberto landed 1-2 shots but Jessie countered by throwing combinations of his own and he moved around the ring. Then both fighters exchanged shots but Jessie landed a strong 1-2 shots on the head that hurt his opponent. Both fighters towards the end of round 4, traded shots with one another whether it is body shots and straight hands. When round 5 approached, Jessie landed an uppercut followed by a 1-2 combination. Jessie would then counter Castaneda (when Castaneda and Magdaleno were trading shots with one another) by landing a right hand that made Castaneda take a knee. The referee counted 10 and Castaneda did not get up. Jessie Magdaleno wins by a 5th round TKO victory.

Before Diego Magdaleno fought, it was time for Esquiva Falcao to make his professional debut.

Esquiva fought Joshua Robertson in a 6 rounder in the super middleweight bout.

In round 1 Falcao using his lateral movements, threw 1-2 combinations and a straight left hand. Round 2, Falcao landed a counter right hand followed by two left hooks to the body into Robertson. Falcao then threw combinations using his lateral movements as well as countering. Round 3 was next and in that round, Falcao continued to throw left hooks, right hooks using his lateral movements. In round 4, Falcao mixed his jabs by throwing 1-2 combinations and hooks to the body. Then Falcao threw another 1-2 combination. Finally, Falcao threw a combination once again, followed by 1-2 shots and hook shots repeatedly, so the ref stopped the fight. Your winner by TKO in his successful professional debut Esquiva Falcao!

Next it was time for Diego Magdaleno to fight. He fought Jorge Pazos in a 10 round bout at the lightweight division. In round 1, it was a good steady round for both fighters and it was a feel out round. In round 2, Pazos came out throwing wide open shots that tangled up, while Diego counterpunched that managed to pull Pazos back. In round 3 Diego exchanged and counterpunched then he (Diego) landed a right hand that dropped Pazos. The ref counted but Pazos got up and was able to continue fighting. When round 4, was next Diego threw wild combinations followed by 1-2 shots to the body and face. Diego would then threw combinations, and a left hook to the body that dropped Pazos. The ref counted 10 and Pazos was unable to get up. Your winner by TKO Diego Magdaleno.

Overall, I enjoyed the fights but the one fight that excites me the most was the professional debut of Esquiva Falcao (Top Rank's signing) from the 2012 summer Olympics. I look forward to seeing Falcao fight again. After the fight, I interviewed him and he told me that he will be fighting again but this time on the undercard of the Manny Pacquiao-Timothy Bradley 2 on April 12th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Here is my first ever interview with Esquiva Falcao.

I want to thank Top Rank for letting me attend and cover the fights on Valentines Day Saturday. Also, Top Rank signed an outstanding fighter from Brazil (Esquiva Falcao) who will be a future champion. After signing Falcao, Top Rank now has Zou Shiming (gold medalist in 2008 & 2012), Ryota Murata( gold medalist in 2012), Oscar Valdez, Felix Verdejo, Vasyl  Lomachenko( gold medalist in 2008 & 2012), Jose Ramirez, Egor Mekhonstev (gold medalist in 2012), and Alexander Gvozdik (bronze medalist in 2012)  all who competed in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Top Rank's future with these wonderful signings is looking very bright.



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