Mayweather fans livid over all the Miguel Cotto praise

By Kevin Davis

the mail keeps pouring in, as many feel that Miguel Cotto win over Sergio Martinez wasn't that great because Martinez was a fighter with shot knees before the fight and couldn't be the Martinez we saw in the past. 

Mr. Sanders "So much hate for Floyd. If Floyd would of beat that version of Martinez last night everyone and their moms would be crying calling Martinez old and injured. I give Cotto no credit for that win. So its cool to go after a guy coming off of numerous injuries and on a layoff? Cotto wanted no parts of Martinez when he was knocking out Paul Williams. Now that he is older and barely move Cotto figured he was right for the taking. People can say what they want about Cotto.

He lost all the big fights with top contenders. I dont consider that version of Martinez a top contender. Martinez cashed out last night he got 1.5 mill plus percentages. Probably his highest paid ever. But from the opening bell people that know s*** about boxing saw what it was. Martinez was injured he could barely move and his balance was awful. This fight shouldnt of even been made but Martinez took it cause he wanted a payday to ride into the sunset. In the first round Cotto wasnt even hitting hit hard or clean and Martinez was falling down. It wasnt the punches it was his balance and his knee. He couldnt move like he wanted to.

Cotto gets no credit for beating a injured guy im sorry. Manny, Lara, Floyd, Canelo, GGG, still beats Cotto. Cotto will go in HOF cause he Puerto Rican and blah blah but Cotto is a average fighter. The fight was sicking. I stopped watching in the 6 round. Cotto had a choice of canelo or martinez. He would of got more money for canelo and a better fight. He choose martinez cause it was a easier win and fight. Plus like i said martinez was hurt. No praise for cotto. He will go to hof but he never beat the best. He lost to all the big names. Cotto avg fighter he only gets praise cause he is puerto rican." 

Mike J. 

"Cotto beat a man with one foot in the grave, well one knee in the grave, if Mayweather beat Martinez like that they would talk all kinds of s*** about how Floyd beat a washed up Sergio, but since it's Cotto, it's the greatest s*** ever. #FUCKCOTTO." 

S. Holmes 

"Mayweather wins against Cotto-No respect, two year later Cotto is the greatest fighter in the world and Floyd needs to face him again-it's such BS-the boxing business is f****** crazy karceno-they hate floyd so much and praise the ones he defeat."


"Boriqua my ass, I'm sick of this media propaganda, they know FLoyd is the best fighter in the world with the sweet science, yet they brainwash the public with these mediocre C-rated ass fighters. Didn't Austin Trout bust that ass on Cotto. Now he's a world beater because he got Freddie Roach naw he got that s*** in his system now. Cotto with a six pack at the end of his career. I smell Top Rank B*******."

Mel P.

"Karceno I love you're s*** man but stop kissing Cotto's ass man. he ain't done s***, Floyd whipped his ass, Trout whipped his ass, Pacquiao whipped his ass, he ain't s*** but a slow ass, flatfooted fighter. Sergio Martinez is shot and you know it, Murray showed he was done. That's why Cotto ass took the fight. Top rank think they slick, they stick joke coach roach with his ass and he reborn overnight. did they test in this fight karceno?"

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