Mike Tyson: It's Hard Signing Fighters, and Making Deals for Fights

By Shawn Craddick

Mike Tyson is a legend in and out of the ring. He was a fighter and now he is an author and boxing promoter. Tyson was on the Jimmy Fallon show the other day and he had quite alot to say about boxing. There are reason's why alot of promoters don't make it and Mike Tyson is finding out the hard way. He most likely will succeed because of his name and legacy, but beyond that it's not an easy road to Travel. So far Mike has 14 fighters signed to him and it's a handful already.

In discussing his boxing promotion business, Tyson is quoted by givemesport.com as saying, "“Man, this is really hard, It’s hard signing fighters and getting other promoters to let you use their fighters and making deals for fights. Nobody wants to work together and nobody wants to help you.’’ Credit -> www.nj.com

This is so true in the sport of boxing. How it's either you are with HBO or Showtime, if not .. NO MONEY NO TV SPOT. It's a shame what the networks have done to help destroy boxing. It truly is a dog eat dog world.


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