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I hope you all are enjoying the SFTS feature...

-Source & Friends-

...where I have been highlighting people I know who are doing big things in their community and/or living out their dreams in one way or another. Time for installment 5!

This friend of mine is in the midst of working her way through the testosterone-filled world of boxing. A huge fight fan is turning her love and passion for the sport into a gig. And I think that's what we all want; a chance to turn our passion into a career. Please welcome boxing blogger, Katrina Harris.

S: Where did your love of boxing begin?

Katrina: It all started when I was around 7 years old. My father was/is a huge boxing fan. I remember sitting on the floor watching TV with him and a Sugar Ray Leonard fight was on, and I thought he was cute. LOL! So Sugar Ray became my "crush" and from that point on, I would always watch boxing with my father. As I got older I got more into it and fell in love with the sport. Me and my father still watch fights together and have our little debates. So he is the person that I watched my first fight with. I was intrigued by it and became a huge fan of the sport.

S: When did you decide to start writing/blogging about it?

KH: Well the opportunity actually just kind of fell in my lap. I'm on a few boxing pages and in a few boxing groups on Facebook, and I caught the attention of a guy named Lamont with my boxing knowledge and passion for the sport being a female. We started communicating and after a while he told me that he knew a guy named Shawn that was looking for an East Coast connection to go to the fights, do post fight interviews and blog. I spoke with Shawn on the phone back in March and it took off from the first conversation. He owns the website and that is the website that I blog for.

S: That is awesome.
What, if anything, is your ultimate goal in the boxing community?

KH: I would love to be a boxing commentator. The first woman of color commentating on HBO, Showtime, ESPN, Fox Sports or any other boxing network would be awesome!

S: We all know that boxing is a male-dominated field. And there's a lot of machismo flying around. As a woman, what kind of reaction/challenges have you received from those you've communicated with thus far?

KH: I can't say that I have received any challenges. The boxers whom I have interviewed and interacted with have welcomed me with open arms and fully supported me. I think it's exciting to them to see a woman trying to make something happen in the industry. It has been nothing but love and respect shown so far.

S: And for anyone who may question your knowledge just because...who are the best 3 fighters pound-for-pound in the game today?

KH: Floyd Mayweather, Andre Ward and Guillermo Rigondeaux. These 3 are the best defensive fighters of this era and can make adjustments like no other. All 3 are undefeated and I don't see anyone beating them in their weight class any time soon. Floyd is on his way out but unless he gets old overnight, I see him retiring undefeated.

And there it is. A cool lady who is doing what she loves and hopefully doing some groundbreaking things in the near future. Thanks again to Katrina Harris for kicking with us.

Follow her on Twitter: @SpecialKboxing and be sure to read her outstanding work on


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