Nazim Richardson: BHop is Ancient, You have to Realize how Impressive this is

NAZIM RICHARDSON, Hopkins’ Trainer:

“When you’ve been in the game so long that you outlive your nickname … well, this guy has been in boxing longer than the ‘Executioner.’  Now he’s ‘The Alien.’ 

“It’s been an honor and a pleasure to actually watch him culminate into the type of athlete that he is today. 

“A lot of people don’t understand our sport and they don’t understand that 30 in boxing is old.  This guy is ancient.  You have to sit back and realize how impressive this is. 

“Beibut is just an exceptional athlete.  If you look at this fast pace he’s been on you have to respect it and the success he’s had. 

“But no one can ever tell you what you see when you climb into those ropes and you look across the ring and it’s not a fighter, it’s not a fighter that fights well, it’s not a champion, it’s not an elite-lever fighter.  When you look across that ring and you see an absolute legend, no one can tell you what that’s like.

“I hope that we can appreciate this guy [Hopkins] while he’s here.  Every single thing this guy does in this sport is history.   Every press conference he has, every mouthpiece he puts in his mouth.  Everything he does in this sport now is absolute history.”


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