Nelly and Shantel get reality show off Mayweather name

By Kevin Davis

Floyd Mayweather is so famous and rich, others try to make a name off his success. Enter the rap and R&B star Nelly into the fold, famous from his country grammer and Nellyville albums, he has sold some of the biggest songs in the industries history but that was ten years ago. Now his career is all but forgotten, and his break up with popular R&B star Ashanti has left him on his last leg, he sells Miss Shantel Jackson, a dream and together they began to use Mayweather name to make enough noise to get what they wanted.

Reality Television started calling once they saw that Nelly is with the former fiance of Mayweather, after looking at deals after deals, they settle on one which featured both Miss Jackson and Nelly as equals. Nelly has went as far as to tease the champion because he didn't finish High School, and he even made a song 'Thanks to my Ex" which many felt was a clear shot at Floyd, but the song was a dud instead. Many will see what this reality show has to offer but not me, these one trick ponies won't get anymore of my attention. 

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Comment by JustOzzy82 on August 24, 2014 at 3:48pm

Exactly, I ain't watching that b*******. All these rappers and s*** trying to jump start their dead careers by using Floyd's name. What's crazy is that they make fun of him for not finishing high school or his stuttering. Now what makes me scratch my head is that they're trying to portray Floyd as dumb. Now if he is dumb, why is he more successful that the idiots that make fun of him. They would love to be in Floyds shoes and they know they can't. 50 used to run around praising Floyd and carrying his belts for him. When Floyd figured out how much of a snake he was, he kicked 50 to the curb. Now he's salty and mad with nothing else to do but constantly make videos about Floyd. Remember SMS Promotions was originally being called TMT Promotions until Floyd came home from jail. Told 50, I ain't tell you to do that s***, lol. Bunch of salty as people, that's all. 100% owner, no endorsements and makes more money than all of them. Bitter and jealousy are the words best used to describe these guys.

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