Nonito Donaire: "I will fight Floyd for 40 million"

By Kevin Davis

Just enjoying life and playing video games, Nonito Donaire is one in a million, blessed with a life partner, his wife the beautiful Rachael Donaire, and did I forget he has won another world title at a different weight class. Still to Donaire, he's looking for that mega big fight to put him up there with high paid fighters in the sport. 


We had Donaire on the Boxingsocialist awhile back and this is just some inserts of that great laid back interview in which I asked him about a possible fight with the great world champion Floyd Mayweather and here is what he had to say.


Karceno: Ok Nonito let's say down the road you move up and JuanMa Lopez is there, Juan Manuel Marquez is there or your last fight they have a deal for 40 million on the table to fight Floyd will you take it?


Nonito Donaire: "In my West Coast accent Helll yeaaahh!, (everyone's laughing) I'm not afraid of Floyd man, you know what I mean I'm a fighter. I'm down for that why not."


Shawn Craddick: You can't turn down 40 million dollars.


Nonito Donaire: "Hell no, and hell yeah. (Laughing) at the same time. Hell no I can't turn it down and hell yes to the fight let's do it. I like that fight because we both have a similar style. It's a fantasy fight, I'm the smallest but speed wise, he has the same speed as I do, and he has great defensive skills.He has the shell defense and I have the reflex defense."


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Comment by El Tranquilo on March 20, 2012 at 9:00am

Nonito why are you talking, you are not even in a position to turn down 40 million dollars. Right now no one will ask to fight you for 40 million. The question of fighting someone for 40 million should be reserved for mega stars in boxing.   

Comment by ReadyRumbler on March 19, 2012 at 11:44pm

Donaire needs to step up and face the top guys in his division before calling people out bigger and better fighters. If a limited and one dimensional Vazquez can bust him up, Mayweather would murder him. I'm not even sure he can get past Rigo at this point. 

Comment by Ramon S. Antolin on March 19, 2012 at 11:16pm

Yeah! Why not? Nonito must build his body first! Heightwise, he is much taller than the Pacman! Skillwise, he can match-up with Floyd & may even KO him if Nonito can land his vaunted left hook! Plan it & do it! I think Floyd will agree to this fight! He knows he has all the advantage over Nonito!

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