"Get Ready To Rumble"

Donaire vs Nishioka,  Rios vs Alvarado - October 13, 2012

by Val Soliman

We're in for some bloody title bouts this October. I love it when boxing fans scream whether they're sitting in the ring side or in front of their TV screens. Just by looking at the names on the card,  you know it's gonna be an all-out action in the ring. 

On October 13, Super Bantamweight King Nonito Donaire will defend his IBF & WBO Super Bantamweight titles against Japan's boxing Superstar Toshiaki Nishioka. The vacant Ring & WBC Diamond Super Bantamweight titles are also on the line.  The fight will be held in Home Depot Center, Carson, California, United States and will be covered by HBO. 

Donaire (29–1–0, 18 KO's), a 4-division world champion/Ring Magazine's Top 5 pound for pound fighter is coming off a unanimous decision victory over South Africa's Jeffrey Mathebula. The bout was for the WBO/IBF Super Bantamweight Unification. Nonito is currently having a long winning streak - still undefeated since 2001.

Nishioka (39-4-3, 24 KO's),  also have along winning streak, he is undefeated since 2004 and holds victories over former Mexican champions like Jhonny González and Rafael Marquez (younger brother of Juan Manuel Marquez). Nishioka has the speed and  power, he got good KO percentage. I think  Nonito will get a doze of his own medicine. They both have good boxing skills and ring experience. This will be an exciting fight. 

In the undercard, both undefeated brawlers Brandon "Bambam" Rios (30-0-1, 22 KO's) and Mike "Mile High" Alvarado (33-0-0, 23 KO's) will risk their "0's". These two fighters both enter the ring like gladiators, they come to fight. "Hit me and I will hit you more and harder". Pressure fighters like Rios and Alvarado takes damage to inflict it. They really don't like dancing and if you do, they're going to chase you all night. I can recall the fight between Mike Jones and Randall Bailey (who now owns the IBF Welterweight belt), Jones displayed his boxing skills in the almost the entire fight but he got caught with a very powerful uppercut in the later rounds and that gave an amazing victory where Bailey was crying in the post fight interview.  

The other terrific fight I saw was the Alvarado vs Prescott fight. Alvarado weathered Prescott's onslaught, it was a bloody and toe-to-toe battle and in the end Alvarado launched a vicious punch that ended the fight via knockout. Knowing Brandon Rios, he doesn't care if the opponent can hit him, all he cares is to hurt the other guy more. Alvarado will keep coming and we can expect war. I'm not sure who will win in this fight... only thing I'm sure that we are in for a slug fest and a bloody fight so get ready to rumble.

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Comment by dmagicmike88 on October 12, 2012 at 9:40pm

Yeah BOY!!! We are going to have us two very I mean very good battles on Oct 13th out in Cali BABY!! On this so called ( FIGHT OF THE YEAR ) that hasn't happened yet undercard bout I am parying that it lives up to all the hype it is bringing. You have two bas A$$ gunners that are ready to play ball, and I mean hard ball not no baby A$$ slow pitch!! #BAM #BAM!! I can't wait to see how Rios matches up to a bigger fighter in Mile High. Rios aint the big man no more ( as far as size goes, in this match ) but the kid does have some good skills. Yes we all know that his offense is his defense but his footwork and whereabouts in the ring is great. He is the type of fighter that will come at you hard but he cannot come into this fight the way he did in his last two fights. Rios may have won his last two fights but in a weak fashion, the Abril fight was in no way a win!!!! Abril got robbed like Chase Bank and the fight was just given ti Rios. PERIOD!!! Vegas betting has Rios at a small fav in this bout but I can see Mile High walking away with a win here. First of all the kid is a good size WelterWeight and that size is something Rios is not used to. Second the kid has won 10 of his last 13 fights by ko. Third Mile High will come at you just as hard if not harder than Rios and stalk you for days on end. Finally Four he will hit your A$$ silly. So my pick on this fight is Mile High but if Rios where fighting somebody else than it would be a different story. So moving on to the main event which is a underrated fight.a fight that has not been getting enough attention. This fight in my eyes is one of the biggest fights of the year. You have the Ring ranked p4p #4 Donaire taking on the WBC Emeritus champion and the Ring ranked #1 Super Bantamweight Nishioka. This right here is a CLASH of the SPEED MACHINES. The Switch Hitter Donaire has got skills coming out of his A$$, SON! The kid has a great left hook and can counter-punch for days. Disregard that loss he had on his 2nd pro outting, that don't count at all. The kid is on a mission and that is to beat the best and to be the best. Donaire toughest challenge will be against The Speed King no matter how long the lay off has been. The Speed King aka Monster Left is coming in as the big underdog but that is a bunch of B.S.! #BANG #BANG!! If he uses his main weapon which is that straight left to the body The Flash will have some problems. The Flash can be hit we have seen it before, so he needs to have his game on and not be sloppy against Nishioka. There is alot at stake for both of these fighters you have of Donaire belts on the line which is the IBF & WBO Super BantamWeightWeight Titles and you have the vacant WBC Diamond and The almighty RING Super BantamWeight Titles. This is foresure going to be a good night of boxing right here. Later guys good blog!! ur boy @dmagicmike88     

Comment by Karceno on October 8, 2012 at 12:02am

great read as usual

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