Oscar De La Hoya Mentoring Victor Ortiz to gain Endorsement Deals

By Shawn Craddick

We have been hit by a whirlwind of advertisements lately with former champion Victor Ortiz. At one time he was hailed as the new face of Oscar De La Hoya. They called him the goldenboy because he had that "Look" to him. He used his handsome features to secure some advertising and branding. As he got older and could not keep up with the younger and faster boxers he knew he had established himself with good endorsements  Years later Oscar De La Hoya is still a household name. This is where Victor Ortiz comes in.

Oscar is showing Victor how to brand himself and become marketable. He has the youth, a great childhood story, and the looks to go with it. Oscar saw something in him that he once had. The "it". Within the last year or so we see Victor Ortiz in commercials, doing some acting and coming out with his own products such as cologne and body lotion. Why not? We all know boxing doesn't last forever and when it stops, how long will your money last. Michael Jordan will never go broke again in his life. Oscar is on that path like Jordan and he's mentoring Victor Ortiz to get to that next step. Great move, if only more boxers took that approach.


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