Pacquiao-Bradley fight and undercard bouts

Pacquiao, Beltran and Vargas win

By: Chris DeGuia

April 14, 2014

Photo Courtesy: Chris Farina

Before the Manny Pacquiao vs  Timothy Bradley 2 fight, I focused on the Ray Beltran vs Arash Usmanee WBO title eliminator and Jessie Vargas vs Khabib Allakhverdiev for the WBA and IBO junior light welterweight titles.

On the Vargas vs Allakhverdiev fight, in the start of round 1, both fighters were trading shots, then Vargas landed a right body shot, followed by a 1-2 to the body overall in round 1, Vargas's jab controlled the round as well as him being aggressive. In round 2, Vargas started throwing jabs. Then Vargas was going to the body by Allakhverdiev threw a left and right hand to the body to counter. Then Allakhverdiev and Vargas let there hands go to until the end of round 2. When round 3 approached Vargas landed a left hook to the body then he landed a right hand followed by a left hook upstairs, and then a straight left hand to the body. Vargas also did some fainting head movements but towards the end of round 3 both fighters traded shots with one another. In round 4, Khabib started the round by throwing a straight right hand, then both fighters traded shots until he end of round 4. In round 5, both fighters once again traded with one another, then Vargas landed a 1-2 to the body then both fighters traded shots, and then Allakhverdiev landed a left hand to the body and towards the end of round 5, both fighters traded shots with one another. When round 6 approached, Vargas landed a straight left, then Khabib, went to the body, then he went upstairs. Both fighters traded shots but it was Khabib that was being aggressive in round 6. In round 7, both fighters did fainting head movements and traded with one another. When it was round 8, both fighters traded shots and traded fainting head movements, then Vargas landed uppercuts. Unfortunately, there was a clash of heads and that lead Khabib to having a cut on his head. Vargas in round 8 was aggressive and that what won him the round. In round 9, Vargas did body work by landed body shots then Khabib landed a right body shot. Vargas landed a right hook and towards the end of round 8 both fighters traded with one another. Round 10, Both fighters exchanged shots. Khabib landing uppercuts, Vargas landing shots of his own and Khabib landing body shots on his own. When it was round 11, Vargas landed a left hook and left body shot, and following a two 1-2 combinations. Finally, in round 12, both fighters traded shots to the head and body, following a 1-2 by Vargas and before the end of round 12, both fighters traded with one another. That was the end of the fight. The two judges scored the fight 115-113 and one judge had it 117-111, your winner and the new WBA and IBO light welterweight champion Jessie Vargas!

Next it is time for Beltran-Usmanee fight for the WBO eliminator. In round 1, Ray went aggressive by landing a 1-2 then Arash landed a body shot, and then Beltran landed a left hook followed by 1-2. Both fighters before the end of round 1 went aggressive and traded shots with one another. When it was round 2, Beltran landed a body shot, then Arash was throwing shots and 2 right hands. Beltran counters by landing combinations and more combinations to end round 2. When it was time for round 3, Ray landed counter shots and two left hooks that rocked Arash, Ray has and outstanding round 3. When it was time for round 4, Ray lands hooks and body shots. Both fighters exchanged, blocked shots, and body punches. Then both fighters continued to exchanged with one another to end round 4. When it was time for round 5, Arash landed the 1-2 to start the round. Then Ray landed a right hook to the body, following a left hook and finally landed another left hook. In round 6, Ray landed a straight left hand and after that both fighters let there hands go to end round 6. Round 7, Ray landed 1-2 combinations and once again both fighters traded shots at one another to end the round. In round 8, Arash landed a 1-2 to start the round, the both fighters traded with one another and Ray applied pressure by throwing combinations. Finally Ray landed hard body shots. Round 9, Ray threw bombs and chased Arash down. Then Ray landed a 1-2 shots and threw bombs that landed on Arash. When it was round 10, both fighters went aggressive, apply pressure at one another, and traded shots with one another. In round 11, Ray landed combinations, letting his hands go and overworking Arash. Finally when it was the 12th and final round, both fighters let there hands go. Both fighters once again traded shots until the end of the 12th round. Ray Beltran won by UD with the scores of 118-110, and 2 judges scored it 117-111.

Finally it was time for the main event that all of the fans wanted to see. In round 1, Pacquiao landed a body shots and then Bradley landed a body shot on his own. Bradley landed an uppercut after landing a body shot. Both fighters blocked shots from one another. Combinations by Bradley and Pacquiao try to land shots towards the end of round 1 but Bradley had a round 1. In round 2, Pacquiao landed a left hand following another left hand, but Bradley landed a right hand. Bradley lands a right hand. That was an awesome round 2 for both fighters. In round 3, Pacquiao landed 1-2 right jabs followed by a left cross and a left hand shot. Bradley landed a body shot and a hard right hand. Pacquiao would then land a combination at Bradley but in the end of round 3, both fighters exchanged shots with one another. Round 4, Bradley landed body shots and shots. Pacquiao landed a right hook but Bradley landed a right. Pacquiao landed body shots but Bradley landed a right hand shot to the body. In round 5, Pacquiao landed a left hand and as for Bradley, he landed a right hook followed by a clean counter right hand and land a hand upstairs. In round 6, Pacquiao landed combinations followed by a left cross and Manny had Bradley on the ropes. When Pacquiao had Bradley on the ropes, Manny threw punches from all over the place (while Bradley was on the ropes) in round 6. When it was round 7, Bradley started throwing combinations and Pacquiao landed big shots. As for Bradley he landed two body shots. Pacquiao landed 1-2 combinations followed by a left hand, 1-2 shots in the ropes (when Bradley was on the ropes) and Manny lands back to back shots. Pacquiao in round 7 landed 10 punches straight (when he had Bradley on the ropes), and I have to admit I have not seen that from Manny in a such a long time. In round 8, Pacquiao landed combinations and Bradley landed a left hook upstairs. Round 9, both fighters missed shots and got off balanced but Pacquiao would land a right hook following a straight right hand. In round 10, Pacquiao landed a left hand and a right hand. Pacquiao would then landed good combinations until the end of round 10. When it was round 11, Pacquiao threw combinations, and a straight left. Bradley would land a big shot. Pacquiao landed a left hand down the middle at Bradley. Finally it was time for round 12. In round 12, Pacquiao lands a right and a left hook. Bradley would counter. Both fighters kind of towards the end of round 12, let there hands go but in the final seconds Pacquiao and Bradley clash heads that let Manny have a cut on his left upper eye. So the ref, took Manny in an opposite corner and have the doctors look at the cut. The doctor looked and the doctor let the fight continue on. Both fighters let there hands go until the sound of the bell. So after the fight we are waiting for the scorecards. The scorecards read 118-110 and two judges had it 116-112. Your winner and the new WBO welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao!

Before and after the fights, I did interviews with one reporter, one manager and many fighters.

Here are the interviews

Terence Crawford on Pacquiao's victory

Crawford becoming WBO champion

Roy Jones Jr. on Manny Pacquiao and what he has accomplished in boxing

Delvin Rodriguez on Cotto-Martinez

Demetrius Andrade on Pacquiao's victory and defending his WBO title

Jessie Vargas's victory against Khabib Allakhverdiev and what is next

Freddie Roach on Pacquiao's victory and Marquez-Alvarado

Philippine Reporter on Pacquiao's victory

Cameron Dunkin on Vargas's victory and what is next for Mikey, Nonito, Brandon and Terence

In closing, I enjoyed the fights but the main event was the icing on the cake. A lot of fans, media and boxing experts were in for a fight that we all will never forget. Manny won fair and square with nothing controversial with the three judges scoring the bout. Before the fight, I interviewed Roy Jones Jr. and he was a nice and humble with me. As for Cameron Dunkin when I was interviewing him, I can tell that Cameron was really happy for Jessie because he (Jessie) came along way and now Jessie's dream is finally fulfilled in becoming champion. All the fighters who I interviewed, and etc were all nice, friendly and very humble. This fight (Pacquiao-Bradley 2) I will never ever forget because that was my first ever Manny Pacquiao fight to cover and attend to as a media/press/correspondent member.

Thank you, Top Rank for letting Boxingsocialist cover and attend the fight.

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