By Kevin Davis



Before everyone goes on a Manny Pacquiao is the greatest rant, this is not a bash on Pacquiao. Is just that it's very weird that everyone who fought or fights Manny seem to all be nice guys. Even Margarito was nice when he was going to fight Manny, I'm not saying they need to be Dereck Chisora but a little drive and determination never hurt anyone. These guys are just so happy to be sharing the stage with Manny, they lost the real focus on why they are suppose to be there in the first place.



Bradley needs to remember he's in a fight, this is not a dance off or a modeling event and leave Mr. Nice Guy at the front door. I have sat here and tried to think of a fighter that was coming to go to war with Manny, that wasn't a nice guy and I couldn't find one. If he ever fights Mayweather, that nice guy will be his undoing.

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Comment by Karceno on February 23, 2012 at 8:16pm

@pt1pcpc I never said that, Im saying maybe we can get better fights if the guys would come into the fight like they want to knock manny out instead of being his damn friend

Comment by pt1pcpc on February 23, 2012 at 11:14am

are you dreaming mr. writer?? you are saying that those fighter who fought pacquiao before are just being nice thats why manny won the fight? that they are intimidated to manny's nice attitude?. come on..what a terrible observation. how did you ever came to that conclusion?. what a shame.. First time to read such a stupid article. Please do further research before you write something and use common sense.

Comment by Pete on February 23, 2012 at 12:49am

It's part of the battle. boxing is 50% or more mental toughness to win So you're saying, majority of the best fighters in the division that Manny fought at were all "nice guys" who couldn't focus coz of Manny's reputation? Manny is already "too nice" and these guys still can't focus? You just admitted how great Manny is..Can you pls stop talking about If he ever fights Mayweather this and that..Floyd has to find his balls first and stop being too greedy, these words are still understatement to say the least.

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