Paulie Malignaggi Says Pacquiao Should have Been the First to take Drug Test

Paulie Malignaggi kept it real today. He didn't hold anything back at all. Today for some reason he wanted to talk about drug testing. In particular Manny Pacquiao. He told the fans to open their eyes. Let's take a look at his tweets ...

I don't give credit to guys who hide and duck from random drug testing while accomplishing things that seem pretty amazing.

Paq should have been the first to volunteer for those random tests when he was destroying people while constantly jumping weight classes.

Instead he ducked and dodged them so no, until I see a destructive Paq performance for a fight in which he submitted to random testing I will not give that credit.

his popularity should have been the first one to set the example and volunteer for it.

Which leads anyone to wonder if that was the whole reason for his sky rocketing 2 fame in the first place.

So don't ask me stupid questions or make stupid comments when I'm a fighter that can look in the mirror and know I did this sh*t clean.

In an era where its become a problem because people wanna be fan boys instead of opening their f**king eyes to the problem.


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