You are looking at the undisputed king of dirty boxers. Bernard Hopkins has nothing on this guy. After watching the Floyd fight for the 3rd time I have to say Maidana is the dirtiest fighter in all of boxing! Continuous punches behind the head! Intentional low blows! Arm twisting and ending a punch with his elbow! He even bull rushed Floyd halfway through the ropes. And I forgot what round it was but this guy attempted to throw a knee at Floyd. Is this boxing or MMA? Even his trainer was telling him to be dirty. I have no respect for Robert Garcia. It's one thing to be a rugged fighter. Ricky Hatton gave Floyd a rugged fight until he was KO'd. But to be as dirty as Maidana was is unacceptable! Tony Weeks did a terrible job! But Floyd dug deep and did what he had to do to win the fight. 117-111 or 116-112. I'm fine with either score. But Floyd has to be busier. 426 punches is not enough when you're opponent is throwing 858. Even though he made Maidana miss 75% of his shots Floyd still has to be busier. At least 600 punches. That's 50 a round. And try to keep it in the center of the ring. If he does that in the possible rematch Maidana won't have a chance! But as dirty as Maidana was I wouldn't be upset if Floyd went in a different direction. 

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