Q & A with undefeated welterweight Regis Prograis

Q & A with undefeated boxer Regis Prograis
1. What do you think about the boxing scene in Houston?
I think there is so much tremendous talent here. I'm really blessed to be here and be around the guys that I train around. A lot of my friends and the people I train around are already world champions and I see the work ethic that they put in to be in the position they're in. It's a great motivator. Just being around them is a big inspiration and lets me know that I can make my dream a reality one day, if I keep doing the things I'm doing and have patience.
2.  Why did you get into boxing? 
I got into boxing because I was always rough growing up. I actually love fighting. I remember growing up that I would always want a challenge. I'm just a competitor and I like to prove I'm the best. What really made me start boxing was that when I was in high school and played football and the team would always get in the gloves and spar. I started whooping bigger dudes every week. One day the offensive coordinator for the football team came and saw me beating up on one of the seniors and he told me that I didn't have a future in football and that I needed to quit and start boxing. I turned my equipment in the next day and the rest is history. True Story!
3.  How do you feel about the upcoming event in Galveston, Texas?
 I'm excited to be fighting back in Texas. I haven't fought here in a while. The last time I fought in Texas was my 4th pro fight in Houston. I'm ready to show everybody how much I have improved since then. New Orleans is always in my heart but Houston is where I live and anytime that I can fight in Texas or Louisiana I consider it a major plus. Galveston is going to be excited on the 28th.
4.  What motivates you during training?
I just go. I love the sport and I just want to prove that I'm the best and hopefully to one day I am one of the best in the world. In training I never take a round off. I go hard every round from start to finish.
5.  What is it like to get hit by a punch? 
It's really difficult to describe that feeling. I think the worst punches are body shots. They can freeze you and make your body seem paralyzed. When I first begin boxing I actually liked getting hit. I had the macho man mindset that I can take any punch and not be phased by it. But now I'm older and wiser. I'm pretty good now at not getting hit with anything flush. Especially when it comes to head shots!! They can freeze you and make your body seem paralyzed. I try to make my opponents worry about getting hit; I like to cause the pain. 
Regis Prograis is an accomplished amateur boxer with a professional record of 7-0 (5KO).
Regis is scheduled to return to the ring on March 28th in Galveston, Texas for the Night of Champions promoted by Pope Promotions.



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