Robert Garcia breakdown Mayweather vs Maidana

By Kevin Davis


Karceno: Well you are the hottest trainer in boxing right now, how do you find the time to train everyone?

Robert: "Well everyone In our gym doesn't get trained by me we have other trainers there, and all my guys fight on a different schedule so I can train them, Nonito comes here now which makes it easier for me to work with him, in Chino's last fight against Broner I only had him for two weeks and look at what he did."


Karceno: How long do you have him for this fight?


Robert; "For Mayweather we will train five weeks, I have all my guys fighting after that fight so we have a clear schedule to train with no interruptions. He already in shape, he came here ready to go man."


Karceno: Are you guys training for a knockout against Mayweather or do you believe you can win a decision?


Robert: "I'm going to tell him to fight smart of course, but if the opportunity is there then take it. It can happen early or late, I know the power that Chino has, but or plan is to be patient and aggressive but to be smart, not wild. Mayweather of course is the best fighter in the world but anybody can be beat, and Chino has the style that can beat him."

Karceno: When Maidana is in the ring, I can see that he totally believes in the gameplan you have set, how do you get your fighters to believe in your words and follow them to the letter.

Robert: "Well I can come up with a good gameplan, my dad can help me come up with a good game plan but if the fighter don't want to do it in the ring then, there is nothing we can do. Then sometimes the opponent is just better and there is nothing we can do, but when you have a fighter like Chino, listen my fighters believe in me, and if they listen and follow the gameplan, they come out of it good."


Karceno: You seem to be one the only trainer of the year that has many fighters that are underdogs going into fights, do that bother you?

Robert: "I don't mind because we like proving people wrong you know, we are always going to have people who don't like us or believe in us that's the way it is you know. They are a few reporters that just don't like us and we still have to give them interviews, so what can you do you know. We have created the best team, and everybody criticize us, but it's okay at the end of the year they are going to say..Well we don't want to vote for him but we have to." 

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