Robert Garcia: Floyd's Fighter J'Leon Love is Fighting in Reyes Gloves, Why is That OK?

By now we have all heard the controversy about Floyd Mayweather not allowing Marcos Maidana to wear "CUSTOM" Everlast MX Gloves which are Mexican gloves. He said the padding was thin and when he put his hand in it, he said he can feel his knuckles. Floyd said Hell NO. No wonder you have a high knockout ratio. Maidana camp then said Ok, then we will wear Reyes gloves. Floyd once again said NO. 

There is a history with Everlast MX Gloves and Reyes Gloves. They are what is called punchers gloves. They are known to cut fighters. They are known to have a little bit less padding because they are mixed with foam and horse hair. These type of gloves have been "known" to really hurt your opponent because you can "feel" the punch more.

After an all night battle back and forth, the Commissioners have authorized that Marcos Maidana can wear "STANDARD" Everylast MX Gloves but not the "CUSTOMIZED" ones he had made for this fight. The fight is on.

Now during an interview with Elie Seckbach, Robert Garcia talked about the controversy but was then confused. After Robert and Maidana said ok to not wear his Custom Everlast MX gloves he said we will just use Reyes gloves. Floyd said NO, they have the same kind of padding and they are meant to hurt people MORE because of the way it's made. Robert Garcia said that doesn't make since to him because his OWN fighter J'Leon Love is wearing those Reyes Gloves tomorrow. So what is the deal?

Fight fans, what is your take on it?


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Comment by one... on May 3, 2014 at 6:04pm

Never mind the Reyes for now. Robert Garcia said those Everlast are the same gloves Maidana wore in his last fight. Maybe that's the reason why he was able to rock Broner all night. SMH 

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