Salido-Garcia fight and thoughts

By:Christian DeGuia

Mikey Garcia (31-0, 26 Kos) defeated Orlando Salido (39-12, 5 Kos and 2 draws) to become the new WBO Featherweight champion of the world. In round 1 Garcia landed a hard right hand  that drops Salido, a left hook drops Salido again. That was round 1. In round 2 Garcia threw great combinations while Salido hit Garcia with a wild left. In round 3 Garcia landed a right hand uppercut that drops Salido, third drop in the fight. On round 4 Garcia landed a left hand that dropped Salido for the fourth time. In round 5 Garcia landed two right hands which rocked Salido, and while in round 6 Salido's eye was starting to close by jabs from Garcia. Round 7 Garcia did not do much. Finally in round 8 Mikey landed big shot but unfortunately Salido did an intentional headbutt to Garcia that lead to a broke nose. So the fight went to the score cards two judges score the bout 79-69 while one judge scored it 79-70.

In my opinion, I was enjoying the fight until Salido intentionally headbutted Garcia on the nose. If Salido would of not do a headbutt, I think Garcia would of stopped him in the later round of even koed Salido. At the end of the day Garcia won and become the new WBO Featherweight champion of the world. That was nice of Garcia to mentioned that he would not mind giving Salido a rematch since Salido gave Garcia his first title shot. I would not mind seeing a rematch with Salido or Garcia fighting Gamboa.


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