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 So it seems as if HBO and it's sports department have came to the conclusion that Floyd Mayweather Jr. has run the money well dry. Early this morning it was reported that Mayweather inked a  six fight deal for a span of 30 months with HBO rival Showtime Networks Inc. The deal will be the biggest pay out to any pro athlete in sports history. Now that the sting from being slapped silly from your rival simmers off, HBO can wake the hell up and make sure they don't let the higgest paid and most followed boxer walk out the door again.



 The only time a networkshould be satisfied with the main attraction leaving is when he retires not when he plays on the other side of the fence. Ala Mike Tyson when he infamously parted ways with HBO on air after knocking out Alex Stewart. Being that HBO spent a lot time paying uproven young guys over the years like Andre Berto to fight fringe contenders for million dollar purses. HBO should have plenty of money to toss around. Whatever overly aggressive demands Floyd made Showtime was more then happy to oblige and cater to him.



 Professionally I know HBO will not rant about it to the media, but after reading a quote from a HBO spokesman about the issue I died laughing. He said HBO made Floyd a "responsible and aggressive" offer and now it's time to move on. HBO's sports department thrives on being the premiere boxing network with the premiere fighter. I'm a fan of the entire HBO roster but from a business standpoint, they will be moving on with hurt feelings and pockets. Now that Pacman has lost damn near all his luster the past few years, who will HBO look to now? A resurgence from Manny? How long can Broner stay undefeated and look flawless doing it? Will Andre Wards star power catch up with his potential? How long will Donaire last? These are all questions HBO will be asking the next 30 months.

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Comment by BoxingSocialist on February 19, 2013 at 11:16pm

Great Write Up Mr Boxing ... very good points.

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