Stiverne wins the WBC heavyweight title

May 11, 2014

By: Chris DeGuia

The main event that we all be waiting for has come. In round 1 Arreola threw 1-2 combinations followed by a body shot. Then Stiverne landed two left straight hands. Stiverne was on the ropes from there Arreola landed a straight hand followed by body shots. Stiverne followed on by landing a right hook followed by combinations and to end it with a left uppercut that rocked Arreola. That was it for round 1. In round 2, both fighters brawled with one another and moved around the ring. Arreola landed a right hand that rocked Stiverne followed by combinations. Stiverne would fight back by landing combinations of his own. That was round 2. Round 3, Arreola had Stiverne on the ropes. From there, Arreola lands straight hands. Both fighters exchanged shots and Arreola moved round the ring. From there he (Arreola) landed shots into Stiverne while having him on the ropes. In round 4, both fighters exchanged with one another. Arreola was quiet in round 4 because he did not throw enough punches and or body shots. While for Stiverne he was landing shots and body shots in round 4.  Round 5, both fighters landed 1-2 combinations at one another. Also both fighters clinched and Arreola landed body shots. After that both fighters, exchanged with one another followed by a 1-2 by Stiverne. Then Arreola landed a 1-2 combination of his own then Stiverne landed a right hook into Arreola. That was round 5. In round 6, Stiverne land a straight left hand into the body of Arreola. Then Stiverne, landed a right hook that dropped Arreola. The ref counted but Arreola got up and was able to continue fighting. Next Stiverne landed a 1-2 combination that dropped Arreola once again. From there the ref counted and Arreola was able to continue fighting but he has wobbly feet. From there, Stiverne landed combinations over and over until the ref waived off Arreola. Your winner and the new WBC heavyweight champion Bermane Stiverne

I enjoyed the main event a lot because it is the first time that I witness a vacant title go up for grabs. Also it is my first time attending the Galen Center in the University of Southern California. Thank you Don King Promotions, and Goossen Tutor for letting me cover this fight.

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