by Kevin Davis


In every aspect of the word dark, every sport has there not so great moments, or things they are not so proud of.  Your's truly interviewed one of the best sport agents in the world. Who wants to go by the name "Gus" tell us why boxers don't have sport agents like other sports and more. "To be simple, there is no money in representing a boxer, most sponsors would rather spend their marketing dollars in sports, that have a national appeal." That mean Television for those who don't understand. Boxing needs to get back on National Television in a big way, because other sports are splurging in the promotional dollars. 


"Our job is to find money, we are not going to go after funds that isn't there and unless you're Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao, companies are not willing to vest money in boxing fighters." We also spoke on how boxers would benefit from having a sports agent. "Like I stated before, we find money, owners hate us because we expose the players to the possibilities of getting the max. Sometimes they don't pay off for the team like the Adam Dunn 56 million dollar deal, but it's a pendulum it goes both ways. The NBA just robbed it's players of close to 300 million dollars and the players had no choice but to take the deal, due to bad advice."


"Boxing promoters all have mob ties, so you don't want to swim in that pool, without protection. Our agency have silent partners just like promotional companies, who are very non silent when it comes to how their fighter should be paid.  That's why they paint us as the fall guy, but look at sports today. Take Michael Jordan the biggest athlete since Ali, did he earn the bulk of his wealth from the NBA or endorsements. Dan Marino, Joe Namath. the list goes on and on. Sports Agents did that, movie deals, that wasn't on the table like it was before.  The last fighter to get huge endorsement offers was Sugar Ray Leonard." 


"The whole idea behind sport is that it should be a fair contest. When you raise the issue of gamblers changing the outcome of a contest, you can line it up with steroids as a threat to the integrity of sport, the word is out on boxing and MMA, soon you will see boxers and MMA fighters start to fall. Professional sports bodies warn of similar evils where a friendly little wager leads down a conduit of organized crime to loan sharking, point shaving and despair. Often, they get the same reaction as the mothers of a bygone generation."


"I've seen a fighter get paid one dollar for a fight in Atlantic City in 1987, I've seen a fighter, blow his entire purse gambling right after he got his check, but the biggest fact is that, they can overcome the steroid issues. They can overcome the harassment issues and guys getting in trouble for guns, and (fans) will still come back. But if there is a gambling scandal, if fans think athletes are doing something to change the nature of the competition, that is going to be a problem," 

"They (the NFL) turn a blind eye like it's something they're totally against  "if it wasn't for gambling, the NFL wouldn't have near the popularity that it now enjoys. There's a conflict. (NHL) teams have casino advertising right on the boards. They're willing to get money from it but they don't want it to taint their enterprise,"  "If they're so opposed to gambling you'd think they'd be completely opposed (but) the Penguins are tied to a casino. The CFL had a deal with Bowmans, an Internet betting site, for a few years which seems a bit weird."

"The new arena in Edmonton -- they want to have a casino in it. In one way they try to distance themselves ... in another they promote it. In Alberta, it would have to be a charity casino. So, who's the charity going to be? The Oilers."

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