By Kevin Davis


In this world of crooked businessmen, lawyers and doctors, etc. Why is it shocking to most that a sport may be just as corrupt. What you may call unfair just may be good business to another. Many never knew that Top Rank promotions had the longest running boxing series to every air on television. From 1980-to 1996 ESPN aired the defunct, Top Rank Boxing on ESPN. Which showcased many great cards and fighters who we love today. President of the company Bob Arum, has been labeled as a villain of the sport of boxing, when he did many things to expand the viewership of the sport, during a time, when other sports were growing. With the birth of the internet many were giving an avenue to spread hate across oceans, TRP known, for creating star fighters, biggest star, turned into biggest foe.


Enter Golden Boy Promotions, which has endured some issues starting out, but has turned into a powerhouse in the boxing world, due to the fact the public are brainwashed by social media, so by using the internet to promote, their fights. The company started enlisting businessmen, from other walks of fashion, to show them how to create stars and match-ups and how to earn maximum dollars, using the entertainment model. What thins did was create fighters we assume were great because of they way they were promoted, and didn't see how flawed they were until they were exposed.  By that time, they just move you over to the next project. Thank Al Haymon, the silent, brilliant mastermind behind the success of Pound for Pound champion, Floyd Mayweather. 


Haymon got started in this business when he decided to advise top challenger at welterweight Vernon Forrest. The investor and promoter decided he could run boxing if he wanted to, he just needed a crown jewel and once Mayweather became available, the rest was history. Mayweather is now the highest paid athlete in sports, and every fighter in the world is crawling over each other to get Haymon to represent them. Making him now the most powerful man in the sport. His connections in the entertainment industry and commercial real estate market Haymon has now set his sights on controlling cable networks. 


With Millions of dollars at stake, Top Rank inc. just refuse to deal with the practices of Al Haymon, and his so-called interference. They say he's a predator of fighters and managers who uses extortion, to get his way, and the more power he gets the more dangerous it's going to be for the sport to survive. Could that just be the talk of nervous promoters who may have to share some of the pie they have been keeping for themselves for years. Boxing doesn't have a union so ton of questionable acts have taken place. Fighters don't have enough cash saved up from when they were fighting and are almost near bankrupt just five years after retirement. 


Sad as it sounds, but Oscar Delahoya, Bob Arum, Richard Schaefer, and Al haymon they all need each other to survive in this boxing game, because you never know what will come along and threaten the sport again. 

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