By Kevin Davis


In the perfect world of boxing, there would be a union to handle all disputes, within the sport. Judges would be suspended for terrible, outrageous decisions. Boxing peers will handle the penalties. Safety checks of locker room activity should be held in high regard. Better training of inspectors, referees, judges etc. Fair purses for all the fighters, no cutting corners by promoters. Last but not least a retirement pension. That's how I would purify the sport I love, others had this to say...

"I like this Karceno", said Ramon from YouTube, "We all need to change our mindset, and make a real impact on boxing. My dad and I use to watch boxing when I was little and nothing has changed, with the crooked judges and promoters stealing the money away, the sport will lose it's valve that way, we all need to protect it, like a baby."


"I would get rid of Bob Arum's ass" said Neil from YouTube "Arum old ass need to go into a retirement facility. You got all this money, just sit down, so we can see Mayweather and Pacquiao fight and other fights. Like Mayweather said he's the problem."

"The prices are too much" said Eli from Rhode Island "Why do they charge us so much Karceno, the cost of living is very high, unemployment is at a all-time record high, why is people like Floyd Mayweather making 100 million dollars off one fight and we can't get a decent undercard." 


Fans love their boxing.

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