The Real Reason Why Floyd Mayweather Missed Weight Against Juan Manuel Marquez

Listen, people are still talking about Floyd Mayweather. Floyd has gone on record in different interviews in the past and said that he is technically a 140lb fighter. Yes and No. Can he make 140lbs NOW? No, because he just maintains his weight at 147-150lbs now. He has been doing it for a few years. His body has become adjusted to that weight now. He can most likely make 143lbs. Then I had someone argue that he couldn't because he couldn't make 144lbs when he fight Juan Manuel Marquez. That fight was Sept 19th, 2009. We are talking 4 yrs ago. Let me fill you in on a little secret. Floyd could have made 142lbs like Marquez did if he wanted to. He didn't want to.

Floyd Mayweather came in at 146lbs. He was fined for not making the contracted weight of 144lbs that they agreed too. The real reason is Floyd never ever tried to make that weight. He agreed so he could get Marquez in the ring. The fine was never a big issue because Floyd was going to make alot of money that night. Floyd was fined $300,000 per every pound over which cost him $600,000. He made $10 million just for fighting and then more on the PPV back end. I've talked to people who were with Floyd Mayweather fight week and I was told that he was out eating at either Applebees or Chili's. I can't remember which one. However I was told he was eating whatever he wanted and the fight was just a couple of days away. On top of that, I was told he was eating candy and drinking soda. He didn't care because he had a high metabolism. He knew he would be close to weight but didn't care if he was on weight. Could Floyd have jogged or sweated for 2 hours and made weight? Absolutely. He didn't. Easy Money, and Easy Win.


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