Thurman, Figueroa and Mathysse win

By: Chris DeGuia

April 28, 2014

Before the main event (Thurman-Diaz fight you got two undercard bouts that aired on Showtime.

The first fight was the Omar Figueroa vs Jerry Belmontes for the WBC lightweight title. In round 1 Belmontes landed a straight left then Figueroa landed a straight right. Both fighters would exchanged shots with one another until the end of the round. When round 2 began, Belmontes starts working the body then both fighters would land on the ropes and from there they traded shots. Both fighters would clinch but Figueroa landed a right and land wild shots. Then Figueroa would land a 1-2 shot and before the end of round 2 both fighters would trade with one another. Round 3, like in round 2 both fighters traded shots with another and from there they would hold and slug it out with one another. Round 4, both fighters would move and trade shots in the round. Round 5, Figueroa would land a 1-2 then he would clinch and from there Figueroa would land shots to the head. Both fighters would clinch and trade shots to end round 5. Round 6, both fighters clinched and trade shots. Round 7, Figueroa would land a 1-2 than Belmontes would counter by landing his own shots. Both fighters moved around the ring, and traded shots. Belmontes would land a straight right and before the end of round 7 both fighters would trade shots and counter shots. Round 8, both fighters would faint and trade shots with one another. Then Figueroa would land a straight right hand followed by a body shot. As for Belmontes he would counter with combinations of his own. In round 9, both fighters would faint and miss shots all through the round. Round 10, both fighters clinched and Figueroa lands shots in the head followed by a 1-2, then left straight shots. Before the end of round 10, both fighters would clinch and trade shots with one another. Round 11, a straight left by Figueroa and both fighters would as usual hold as a well as trade with one another. Also both fighters would continue to hold and miss shots. In round 12 Figueroa would land a straight left hand twice and Belmontes would land a 1-2 but missed. Then Belmontes would land a left hook that stuns Figueroa and before the end of the final round both fighters would let there hand go until the bell. That was round 12. The three judges scoring the fight had it a split decision. One judge had it 115-113 for Belmontes, while the second judge had it 116-112 for Figueroa and the third judge had it 118-110, your winner and still the WBC lightweight champion Omar Figueroa.

Next fight was Lucas Matthysse vs John Molina Jr. all of us the fans, media and everyone was in the a treat. In round 1, Matthysse would land a right hand then Molina would land a 1-2 followed by a strong right hand. Over right hand by Matthysse then both fighters would trade shots with one another. In round 2, Matthysse would land a 1-2 then Molina would land a right hook then Monlina would grab Matthysse and would put him down in the ground. The ref counted that as a knockdown (which was not) and Matthysse would get up. In round 3, Matthysse landed a left hook but both fighters would clash head that lead Matthysse to have a cut on his left eye. The doctor looked at it and Matthysse was able to continue. Round 4, both fighters would trade shots then Matthysse would land a straight left hand followed by an over hand left. Both fighter traded shots then Matthysse would land 1-2 combinations headshots and in the final seconds of round 4, Monlina would land a 1-2 to end the round. Round 5, Matthysee landed a straight left hand to start then an over hand right by Matthysse, then a 1-2 and Molina landed a 1-2 of his own. Matthysse would land a right hand but as for Molina he grabbed Matthysse again and dropped him on the ground just like in round 2. So Matthysse was ok and was able to continue on. Both fighters would land 1-2 shots and that was the end of round 5. In round 6, Matthysse landed a left uppercut followed by an over hand right and then a left uppercut. Both fighter would brawl until the end of the round. Round 7, Matthysse going aggressive by landing bombing shots, followed by an over hand right then a right hand that connected . Then Matthysse would continue to land an over hand left, followed by an right and then a left hook. In round 8, both fighters would clinch and trade shots but Matthysse would apply pressure by throwing wild shots and landing an over hand right that drops Molina. Molina would get up and was able to continue. Round 9, Matthysse would throw an over hand that stuns Molina then an over hand left followed by a right uppercut then a left hook to the body then a left hand. Both fighters would exchanged with one another in the final couple second of round 9. Round 10, Matthysse land a left uppercut to start the round. Then Matthysse would land wild shots and Molina would land a right hand. Mathysse would answer by landing a 1-2 combination followed by body shots from there Molina would drop. The ref counted and Molina was able to get up before the count of 10. From there he was able to continue. Matthysse did the same thing until the end of round 10. When it was time for round 11, Matthysse would land a 1-2 in the head, then Molina would land backwards ,then onto the ropes then then landing a 1-2 to the head once again,from there Molina would drop into the ground and that was it. Your winner by knockout Lucas Matthysse.

Final it was time for the main event that everyone was looking for which is Keith Thurman vs Julio Diaz for the interim WBA welterweight championship. In round 1, both fighters would start landing body shots then Thurman would land a straight left hand followed by a 1-2 combination to the head. Both fighters would continue to go aggressive by landing body shots into one another. In round 2, both fighters would faint and trade shots then Thurman would throw a right and left straight hands. Round 3, Thurman lands a 1-2 uppercuts then both fighters would brawl by landing body shots to the ribs, uppercuts and straight hands. Diaz would go to the body and Thurman would land a right hand that would end of round 3. Both fighters would go to there corners and Diaz's corner decided not to continue fighting. Your winner by RTD and still the WBA interim welterweight champion Keith "One Time" Thurman.

Overall, I enjoyed the fights except for the Figueroa-Belmontes because through out the fight both fighters would clinch, trade shots and missed shots. As for Mathyssee-Molina I enjoyed that fight because there was knockdowns. While for the main event it was not what I expected because I wanted the fight to continue on but from what I heard Julio Diaz has injured his ribs due to the body shots that Thurman landed and Diaz had a hard time breathing. Also from what I heard Diaz has announced his retirement from the sport of boxing. I wish Julio Diaz the best.       

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