Timothy Bradley aint worried about being robbed

By Kevin Davis


Karceno: thanks for this call champ, I will be brief because I know close to your rest period. 


Bradley: Yeah, man, you're good. 


Karceno: You look to be in great shape earlier than the first time around are you worried about peaking to soon. 

Bradley: "Not at all, for this camp, we really have had a tough 8 weeks, and not a 12 week camp like the last time. I'm keeping fresh guys in the ring at all times. I'm tired but they are fresh, I oly take 15 sec breaks and they right back on me. Every one min they rotate a fresh fighter in the ring, and that's what you have to do with Manny, you have to be ready for the whole 3-mins of the round. To be honest I was ready like two weeks ago, that's how great of a camp I'm having."


Karceno: "I know it must have crept into you're mind about the judges."


Bradley: " Naw man, I know they are under a lot of pressure to do their jobs in this fight because the world will be focused on them, but I don't worry about that, I just want you guys, the media and the fans too, to say hey Bradley won that fight, if i get that then, I know I can rest easy, because I did my job, if the judge didn't do his or her job, that's on them."

Karceno: Why haven't your team reached out to make a Mayweather fight, instead of going back to Pacquiao?


Bradley: "Well I did what I thought was best for Timothy Bradley and with Mayweather, there is no guarantees about anything and I can't waste time, negotiating something that may or may not happen. You know when I win, they can contact my manager and promoter and make it happen, but right now it's Manny."

Karceno: What's your weight right now?


Bradley: "About 150, I'm right at fight weight all through camp, I was 148 all last week. Told you man I'm ready. Last fight I had to cut more weight, this time, I'm just coming off a fight recently with Marquez and by far this is the best camp for me, I think this new training technique will get me in ready faster and he's going to be in for a surprise." 


Karceno: You think finally, the world will say Tim Bradley is the man, after this fight and give you, the respect you deserve?

Bradley: "Absolutely man, it's my time. Manny has had a great career, he's still a good fighter and is a wonderful caring person but it's just my time, and nobody is going to change that."


Karceno: On that Face Off, I saw a fighter that was more focused than before, almost like I know what you are going to bring before you even bring it, and it wont help. 


Bradley: "I'm just going off what you guys has wrote, you know I read it, what his trainer has said, and don't get me wrong Manny is phenomenal, still. but his time is just over, he even knows it. he's taking it easy on sparring partners, opponents, that's not the Manny Pacquiao the fans grew to love. I had a great 2013, and my confidence is even greater than before, because I know myself a lot more than I did the first time around. Mentally I'm in a better place and It shows. You are going to see an entirely diffenret fight than the first time around." 

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