Trainer talks about some classic moments in the boxing gym

By Kevin Davis

Over the years i run into boxing trainers from yesterday, and they are shocked and appalled by the way things are done now. In 2009 Big Bud Houston, retire as a trainer and went to work for the United Parcel Service and has never looked back but what some stories he had. Coming from Milwaukee Wis. He has trained and worked with over 12 national champions and 15 world champion boxers.


"When I first got into the game I was managing and training a young fellow name Todd KilKelley and he was a tought rugged Irish machine. We couldn't get him any fights so he said f*** boxing, and went to get a job at a 7/11 store. He ended up robbing the store and went to jail, future gone, but before that he blacked up and beat down Peter Manfredo jr."


The stories got even more interesting, when Houston recalled a time a fighter jacked a promoter. "Mr. Krantz was a good man, great promoter but his heart was so big, he never saw the wolves. maybe he did and just gave, because that's the kind of man he was. I've seen Aarron Pryor Jr. come to him and say can you loan me an advance on my fight because I need to feed my family, and mr. Krantz will pay him each time, then after the fight Pryor got his check and moved."


"I remember this one hothead name Gary Russell Jr. came onto the scene bullying the younger fighters with fear, I mean this kid was a bully. A real piece of s***, then one day, a fighter name, Derrick Healy knocked him out, once he got into an arguement with him outside the gym. They kicked Healy out the gym, because Russell is a huge name going to the Olympics and Healy was not, but he just knockout your prize fighter."


"Buddy Mcgirt, huge liquor drinker, as a fighter and as a trainer, couldn't say no, that's why he never lived up to his potenial. Set to rob my fighter Terence Williams, attemping to get a contract signed in which he had to pay Mcgirt 49% of his earnings, where Buddy will pay for his room and board. Buddy wanted to be his manager and trainer so he wanted 49% and you keep 51%, why rob these kids with no money trying to make a future for themselves."

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