UFC President Dana White Taps Out, Starts Boxing Reality TV - Boxing is NOT Dead

By Shawn Craddick

Do you remember when Dana White was all grins because UFC/MMA was on the rise a couple of years ago? He was claiming UFC was the new thing and everyone was saying "boxing is dead". Well let's slow down a little bit. Dana White knows that boxing is not dead and he knows there is WAY MORE MONEY in boxing then there is UFC. So much that he has decided to start a TV Reality Boxing Show called "The Fighter". It will be somewhat fashioned like Oscar De La Hoya's the Contender.

In a bit of a surprise announcement, White has partnered with TUF executive producer Craig Piligian to bring out a boxing-centered reality show called “The Fighters.” White told MMA Fighting that the show will debut in 2014 on the Discovery Channel, but he gave no details on the format or number of episodes planned.

Check out the Video Clip Below ......



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