Maldonado, Spence, and Gausha Pick up wins in San Antonio, TX Fox Sports 1

Fidel Maldonado Jr vs John Nater

Fidel came out like a man on a mission. He was hitting John Nater with bombs. Alot of times Nater tried holding but Fidel kept hitting him. Fidel Maldonado dropped John Nater in the 3rd and 4th rounds. Nater seemed out of it going back to the corner. The corner stopped it and did not let Nater come out for more punishment. With the win Fidel improves to 18-2, 14KO's.

Errol Spence Jr vs Peter Olouch

Errol Spence was too savy too fast and too strong for Peter Olouch. Errol landed good body shots and soften up his opponent. Errol had hurt him at the end of the third round. In the forth round Errol poured it on and Peter held on but finally collapse trying to hold on to his legs. When it resumed Errol hit him with a left hook that laid him out. The ref jumped in and waved it off. With the win Errol improves to 11-0, 9KO's.

Terrell Gausha vs George Sosa

This fight was kinda weird. Terrell was controlling the fight and landed some good hard shots. Sosa was looking to get something off but just couldn't. Gausha had him hurt at the end of the 4th round and Sosa complained to the ref that his glove was coming off. They took about 2 minutes to get it back on and wrapped good. Soon after it resumed the bell rang. Terrell had him hurt the last two rounds but couldn't finish him. The final scores were 80-72 twice and 79-73. Terrell wins by UD improving to 13-2. Those two losses came because of World Boxing Amateurs. They counted towards his Pro career.

Travell Mazion vs Justo Vallechillo

Travell "Black Magic" Mazion put a beating on Justo Vallechillo. From the opening bell Travell hurt Justo 2 or 3 times. In the second round Travell picked it up and played with him. Then Justo tried to charge and Mazion hit him with overhand rights and dropped Justo at the bell. In the third round Black Magic put an end to the beating by stopping Justo with 3 overhand rights as he fell into the ropes. The ref started counting but then waved it off. With the win Travell improves to 7-0, 6KO's.

Joseph Rodriguez vs Jesus Garza

Joseph "Mongoose" Rodriguez was on the attack from the opening bell. Jesus Garza tried to exchange with him, but Mongoose got the better of the exchanges. Good body work all night. Mongoose almost came close to stopping him in the third. Garza had a tough chin and just wouldn't go down. Mongoose wins by UD. The scores were 40-36, and 40-35.

Milton Ramos vs Luis Torres

What a back and forth battle. The fight of the night so far. It was a barn burner. However, Ramos was able to walk away with the win. The scores were 59-55 twice, and 58-56. With the win Ramos improves to 10-4. 

Mario Barrios vs Manuel Rubalcava

Mario Barrios improves to 2-0. Mario dropped him in the 1st and 3rd round. Manuel Rubalcava was tough as nails. He withstood alot of power shots. Scores of 40-34.


Marco Solis vs Danny Sanchez


Marco Solis had free will to beat Danny Sanchez with ease. In his Pro debut he showed poise and posture as he picked his shots and did not let Sanchez get him out of his game plan. Solis improves to 1-0. Scores were 40-36.


Justin Deloach vs German Valdez


Justin keeps the jab pumping in Valdez face. Justin caught Valdez with a right hand at the end of the first round that rocked his opponent. Justin kept landing overhand rights and dropped Valdez in the 4th round. Justin goes to decision and wins 60-53. He improves to 7-0, 4KO's.



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