Adrien "The Problem" Broner made some comments after his fight with Carlos Molina last Saturday on the under card of Floyd Mayweather vs. Marcos Maidana that offended the WBC and others. He has been suspended until he "makes a public apology". After his victory during his post-fight interview with Jim Gray, he said, "I’m still Adrien Broner, the Can-Man, and anyone CAN get it! Afri-Cans, I just beat the f*** out of a Mexi-Can!" The crowd boo'd as Broner smiled. Jim Gray told Broner to be "professional" and the interview continued and Broner called out Manny Pacquiao. Can this fight happen? Will the "Cold War" end? Do you think that this was a racist comment or was it freedom of speech? Do you agree that Broner should be banned and that he should he make a public apology?

This is the statement from the WBC: "Adrien Broner is hereby suspended from participating in any WBC sanctioned championship and will be excluded from the WBC ratings until the time he makes a public apology satisfactorily to the public of the world. Boxing is a great sport, it is a world sport and boxers are honorable and exemplary members of the community. FairPlay and human equality must always be upheld."

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