What Boxing Fans Think of Manny Pacquiao Now

By Kevin Davis


The old saying goes, 'you don't kick a man when he's down' but how can you resist. We have been feed this false legend for years, while real true champions had to suffer and not get their shot at glory because of networks and promoters wanted to keep milking the cow. Now the chickens have come home to roost, Manny Pacquiao was knocked out cold by a sharp and powerful right hand that woke up the world. The great boxing legends that have left us, are probably cheering from their graves. Now I will sit back and let you hear from boxing fans around the world about how they feel about Manny Pacquiao now.  


Derrick ~ Madison,WI. "Man...Pacquiao should just fight Mayweather and get his money and then retire. I thought he had a shot at Mayweather, like a puncher's chance, but now ...he's done."


Michael ~ Bethesda, MD. "Styles make fights Karceno, Manny is and was a great champion, he just got beat by a fighter that has his number. If Manny fought Mayweather, he still could give him hell, cuz styles make fights, so don't write him off just yet. Everybody is jumping the gun too soon, he will be back."


Lucy ~ Las Vegas, NV. "The fight was heads or tails, and Manny just got caught Karceno, He made a mistake and you and the rest of the internet world needs to get a life, he has political reasons, and religious reasons as to why he can't train like he use to. He should just retire because he has so much money already, Manny is a legend."


Deshawn ~ San Diego, CA. "Well Manny got surprised by Marquez power, he said damn after that first knockdown, then he grabbed some shuteye, so you know, I think dawg is done, cuz once you get hit like that...it's curtains. Who get's knocked out like that and come back to dominate the sport." 


Greg ~ Detroit, MI. "Manny don't stay behind the stick, he just flick it out there, so Marquez ain't bite and popped that ass, his legs was gone after the first knockdown to me, I knew his ass was going to go again, soon as Marquez caught him flush. Manny ain't nothing man, Floyd would have destroyed that boy, all that bouncing around gon get his ass dropped hard against Floyd." 


David ~ Leeds, UK. "It takes great courage for anyone to take the ring and do what Manny Pacquiao does, I am one who truly believed he had a shot at defeating Mayweather. I can see that now Manny is too far gone. A decade of battling has caught up to him, and there is no shame in that. It happens to the best of fighters."

Ryan ~ Dublin, IR. "Manny Pacquiao is overrated, Mayweather is far better class of fighter, He should retire before he gets really hurt of there. He's done." 


Juan ~ Mexico City. MX. "Pacquiao was a great champion and fighter but at this moment he is not the same fighter. He should not have another fight, not even against Juan Marquez, he would only get hurt more easy."

Tyler ~ Cebu, PH. "I think he should retire and not face Mayweather, He has accomplished a great many things, he has inspired a nation, and may someday be the President of the nation. Mayweather can never say that, and should have a worn down Manny on his resume."

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Comment by DP on December 28, 2012 at 1:02am

I agree, Pacman gave the sport the electric shock needed to resecitate the sport, and Marquez K.O.'d Pacquiao in such a devastating way that it seemed he was the one in need of an electric jolt.  

Comment by MrBOXINGTODAY on December 27, 2012 at 11:22am

Pacman was a great champ. I think a KO loss like that is damn near insurmountable to bounce back from. Add to the fact that he is unwilling to take Olympic testing is getting annoying. I didn't mind him and Floyd not giving an inch in negotiations over testing but this dude doesn't want to test at all for no one, even if the opposition is willing to take the exact test...hmm...but as a fan of the sport Pac gave us all a hot topic to rant on good bad or ugly.

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