By Shawn Craddick

Little by little on the internet I keep hearing guys comment on Yuriorkis Gamboa incredible physique now that he has been linked to a PED Scandal. Now I'm hearing talks about his power and his athleticism. Who knows? Maybe it might have something to do with it. Keep in mind that it still has to go through the legal procedures in order for Gamboa to be confirmed as a PED user. On top of that, "IF" he is found guilty, what does that tell you about NSAC "lenient" drug testing rules?

Now let's shift to 50 Cent who bought Gamboa out of his contract with Toprank. If the allegations are true, then this was going on during the time of him being a Toprank fighter. This can get a little messy for Bob Arum has I'm sure someone from their company will have to testify on trail as well. Nevertheless he's not fighting for them now and 50 Cent's SMS Promotions will now take some heat. I'm sure 50 Cent is on the phone right now trying to figure out what is going on. 50 Cent has been known to have the best lawyers around. As it stand right now, I don't think Gamboa is going to fighting anytime soon until after this scandal is over with. This means the longer Gamboa is out from boxing, the more money 50 Cent is losing out on. Stay tuned for more .....


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Comment by Chris DeGuia on January 31, 2013 at 12:13pm

Great article. To me, in my opinion, it is a tough call for 50 cent to figure out what to do with Gamboa. If I was 50 cent, I would wait until there is enough evidence that Gamboa is guilty, If he is indeed guilty, and the Nevada State Athletic Commission suspends him I would let Gamboa seve his suspension for whatever how many months. Then after that, figure out if I will teminate his contact or not. For example, the Yankees might terminate A-Rod contract that he has left which is a five year worth 114 million.  

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