What Happened to Manny Pacquiao's Knockout Power?

Manny Pacquiao a few years ago had knockout power, unheard of from a fighter that started at 106lbs. Then the controversy of PED's and testing and it even caused lawsuits. Manny has stepped up after the Marquez loss and started doing drug testing for himself and for the other fighter. However somewhere in there Manny hasn't had a KO or a TKO since those allegations. Pacquiao's last TKO was over a weight drained Miguel Cotto back in 2009 almost 5 yrs ago. 

Where is the knockout power? That is something you just don't lose. With Manny's win over Timothy Bradley tonight, does anyone really want to see the Mayweather vs Pacquiao. If you can't hurt Mayweather then he will toy with you all night long. However the fight everyone really wants to see is Pacquiao vs Provodnikov. What's the hold up Bob?


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