By Kevin Davis


Since Juan Manuel Marquez, landed the one punch blow on Manny Pacquiao that put him to sleep in the ring. He has disappeared from the public eye and has vanished from the boxing headlines. An Israel visit an return back to his homeland and nothing but silence.


The media that use to follow him all around where are they now? Where are all those internet fans that loved to bring his name up every time Floyd Mayweather name would appear. Have the all gone away? Has the dust settled? While many belief Pacquiao will be back into the ring in April of this year. Some feel that he isn't ready for such a quick return. 


Doctors in the Philippines are scared for their lives after releasing news that they believed Manny might be suffering from early signs of Parkinson's the disease that has grabbed the most known sports figure in the world Muhammed Ali. Threats were made against the doctors and they later went into silence. One thing we need to do is give Pacquiao respect for taking his lost like a man. Many others I cannot say that for. 


I feel that Pacquiao needs to take a ton of time off like a year, because that kind of knockout can leave you scarred mentally. 


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Comment by MrBOXINGTODAY on February 24, 2013 at 11:13am

only a coward would stay in hiding forever. I have seen plenty of champions bounce back from L's like this. It was definitely a brutal KO.

Comment by BoxingAbility on February 23, 2013 at 2:46pm
I would hide too if I was over hyped by the media and got knocked out like that! He can smile after the loss and appear to take it well, but at home in private around his fam, it's eating him up!
Comment by Andy Paterson on February 23, 2013 at 12:51pm

if his financial circumstances are as bad as reported, he was advanced part of his purse prior to the Marquez fight, then we might see him in the ring sooner that expected.

I'd like to see him have a few fights over in the Philippines to get his confidence back but he is nowhere near the same fighter he once was that is pretty much fact.

As for the talk of the Parkinson's disease, it was blown right out of proportion.  You have a doctor who has never even examined Pacquiao and tells the world that he thinks Pacquiao has health issues.  Bloody stupid if you ask me.

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