when boxing sense makes business sense

By Kevin Davis. Many of the greatest fights in boxing history were negotiated and argued over. Like a political debate.when a fight becomes so big it takes a life of it own. Floyd Mayweather and Canelo let the world build the fight so much that the business end took care of itself. You need to be willing to separate the mere options from opportunities, because they are different. Mayweather don't have options he makes the most of opportunities. There is over 300million at the least that can be gained by making a fight against Manny Paquiao, even though he has been knocked out many times, and has losses, fans still want to see the fight so sell it while they are still buyers. The fight is bigger now than it was at first mention, which is insane. Both fighters are older and Pacquiao has lost two of his last three fights, but social media dictates and it demands this fight because the common bridge and tunnel crowds can relate to it, due to the countless wasted time promoting it.

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