Why Julio Cesar Chavez Jr won't Pick Nacho Beristain as Head Trainer

By Shawn Craddick

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr needs to stay focused. His last couple of fights have not been that good. We saw on TV how Chavez Jr showed up late to Freddie Roach's workouts. He just waited for him. Roach did not really get stern with him at all. His lack of discipline has constantly hurt him. It was asked a couple of times who is going to be your trainer? Most people assumed that he would hire the services of Nacho Beristain. They are both from Mexico and there is no language barrier. On top of that, Nacho is one of the best in the game. So why not choose him?

Discipline. That is why. Nacho doesn't play. He is strict and you need to be on time and you need to listen to whatever he says if you want to be a champion. Would Nacho be great for Chavez? Absolutely. Would he get in shape with Nacho? Absolutely. Would Nacho have the ability to make him champion at 168? Absolutely. Will we ever see it? Most likely not. Chavez Jr will only go so far unless he get's a manager that has a no non-sense type of behavior. Who knows, maybe if he reads this article he just might contact him. Let's see.


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