Will Robert Guerrero Get his $4 Million with Showtime in the Mix?

By Shawn Craddick

We all know now that Robert Guerrero was holding out for $4 million dollars to face Floyd Mayweather Jr. What we did not know is that Floyd was secretly negotiating a deal with Showtime and HBO. We found out that Floyd locked in a 6 fight minimum deal with Showtime and HBO could not meet his expectations. With that being said, Floyd at the same time was trying to low ball Guerrero with a $2.5 Million dollar offer. Now there is a record breaking deal to Floyd, so will he break off his opponents more cash now?

Close sources are saying that this deal is worth $500 Million dollars. If we break that down into 6 fights we are talking $83,333,333 per fight. This money will likely have to be split between Mayweather and whoever his opponent is. So with that much money is it hard for Mayweather to give up $4 Million to Robert and a small percentage of the PPV? It shouldn't be and if it is, then Floyd is one Greedy guy. Let's find out and see what the purse will reveal.


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Comment by BoxingAbility on February 20, 2013 at 9:43am
If Floyd's deal with showtime is supposed to be confidential, then what "sources" are leaking the info of a near 500 million dollar deal??? I'm not saying it's a lie but at this early point after the announcement of Floyd's deal with showtime, it's a little too early to believe any source and some people will believe anything and it's probably not true... Just saying unless someone that was close to the negotiations comes out and says something or when after Floyd fights we get info on how much he made in one fight, then we have no way of knowing what his deal looks like and the sources are probably just rumors...

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