Yuriorkis Gamboa: My Boxing IQ is Very High, Alot of People Underestimate Me

Gamboa, you are shorter than most of your opponents, but this seems more so...


YURIORKIS GAMBOA:  I answer that question by going back to all of the fights in my professional career.  I have been pretty much the smaller fighter in all of my fights, so I don't think it will have much of an affect.  I know how to adjust and I know how to come in with a game plan.  It's just something I have dealt with since I was an amateur - I have always been the smaller guy.


Will the layoff affect you - you fought once in 2012 and once in 2013?


YURIORKIS GAMBOA:  Basically no, not as long as I am focused.   I have stayed active - maybe not in the ring but I have done what I need to do outside of the ring to be prepared for Saturday night.  I have remained active in the gym.


Do you feel this is a career-defining fight for you?


YURIORKIS GAMBOA:  Like in any career, obviously it is a defining moment and I plan to take full advantage.


Where does Yuri feel that Terence falls talent-wise?


YURIORKIS GAMBOA:  Until I fight him on Saturday I really can't answer that question.

What type of challenge does Terence pose to you?


YURIORKIS GAMBOA:  It's part of the sport.  Obviously you are going to fight guys that can switch up on you.  Some can master either the southpaw or orthodox stance, but it's something you have to deal with.  You have to prepare to face that challenge.


When was the last time you went to fight in someone's back yard - or as the B-side of the promotion?


YURIORKIS GAMBOA:  In Kazakhstan is the last time I can remember, in 2006.

Who made the decision to take this fight against Crawford?


YURIORKIS GAMBOA:  I think it is well known that the dialogue and conversation between my team and Top Rank was a fight with Mikey Garcia, but that was not going to happen - there are some legalities between them that wouldn't let the fight take place, and that's when Top Rank suggested we make this fight happen and we decided that was a good option as well.

What one thing that you will bring to the table will get you the victory?


YURIORKIS GAMBOA:  I would say that my boxing IQ I think is very high - that is one thing that a lot of people underestimate in me.  My boxing abilities give me an advantage in a lot of fights that I go into.  My speed and my reflexes - a combination of a lot of those things I think will lead me to a victory on Saturday.


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