Zou Shiming making his professional debut at 31

Zou Shiming debuting on April 6, 2013


By:Chris DeGuia


According to Top Rank on there website and Lem Satterfield, Chinese Olympian boxer Zou Shiming has signed with Top Rank and will be making his professional debut on April 6 at the Venetian in Macau. Shiming on his resume has a bronze medal from the 2004 Olympics, and two gold medals(all from boxing). One from 2008 in Beijing and another from last years (2012) London summer Olympics.In the summer Olympics in London, most people do not like his style of fighting because he runs and keeps holding. Do you guys think at the age of 31 that Shiming is starting late as a professional?


To me, I think at the age of 31, that is not too late to start your professional debut as a boxer. My reasons behind that is most fighters around that age or in the mid 20's are in there prime and have peaked. For example Manny Pacquiao when he was 31 years old he was in his prime, winning fights and winning belts in weight divisions. Boxers that are in there prime are hungry, have fast reflexes, speed, and etc. .If Shiming were to start his professional debut at 34 then he would of been past in his prime. Boxers that are past there prime they are not as quick as they use to when they are young but they are clever, and smart. Another example for that is Bernard Hopkins. Hopkins has good reflexes but not as quick when he was boxing in his 20's, but is a clever, and smart fighter. Plus, Hopkins has been at wars as a fighter in the ring. At the age of 46 he is the oldest person to win a world title surpassing George Foreman's record.


Someone, on the Top Rank website left a comment about Shiming stating that Shiming fights like Paulie Malignaggi with great movement, and a very fast jab. While Zou's weakness is that he lacks power. Most people remember the London 2012 incident that involved him. I know everyone will want to fight him at junior flyweight, flyweight and super flyweight. I wish Shiming good luck on his professional debut on April 6 and I also wish him all the best. I hope he becomes a world champion in the junior flyweight division and etc.


I want to know from you guys, do you think that age of 31 is late to start your professional debut? How many years will he keep fighting? Do you think Zou will be winning a world title and dominating the sport of boxing? Do you think he is a bust? All I can say is that only time will tell. Also, all we can do is just wait and see what happens.

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