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Rasheed Wallace and Raging Babe shine spotlight on Boxing Moms

*Durham, North Carolina – April 20, 2017* – During nearly every televised
fight, and in every montage during pre-fight documentaries on cable
networks, there is a consistent figure cheering ringside, wiping tears at
her son’s victory or defeat, or clawing her way to the ring while her baby
lays sprawled on the canvas. Behind so many of today’s successful and
not-so-successful fighters is a mother. Whether or not she wasn’t always
present, or was a doting mother, or a major motivator who spent days, weeks
and months in the gym, these women played a significant role in the
development of these fighters as both warriors within the ring, and men
outside the ring.

It has long been a dream of “Raging Babe” Michelle Rosado to tell these
women’s stories – To bring them together to share their struggles and
triumphs, and add a new dimension to the long-told stories of these young
men, who have selected the hurt game as their chosen professions.

With the help of former Tarheel and NBA Veteran Rasheed Wallace, Rosado
will finally see her passion project come to fruition. The two crossed
paths when they were introduced by a mutual friend from Philadelphia.
Wallace was an avid boxing fan, and had a desire to be involved in North
Carolina’s active boxing scene. Rosado had just begun work with North
Carolina-based Top Catz Boxing. Through several meetings, their passions
intermingled, and Rosado’s passion project became Wallace’s.

The duo plans a special dinner for North Carolina’s Boxing Moms this Sunday
at For Alma Home in Durham. Many of the women attending have sons that will
be fighting days later at Top Catz Boxing’s Thursday Night Fights at the
Armory. Plans for the dinner include pampering and gifts courtesy of For
Alma Home, along with networking and bonding.

“This has been a dream for me for years – having the opportunity to
recognize these strong women, these Raging Babes, and share their stories,
and their struggles,” said Rosado. “I’m so grateful to Rasheed Wallace, who
immediately saw the value and the vision in bringing these women’s stories
to light. I’m looking forward to Sunday’s event, and what the future

Wallace, whose own mother was instrumental in his personal development, was
eager to be a part of the project. “I have long been a boxing fan, and am
excited to have an opportunity to recognize these mothers. I hadn’t
actually thought about what mothers go through, seeing their sons in the
ring, fighting, winning, or being knocked out. It will be an honor to share
their views, and their stories.”

Both Rosado and Wallace are eager to see where Boxing Moms takes them, but
the journey begins this Sunday in North Carolina, where mothers of boxers
fighting on next week’s Thursday Night Fights at the Armory card gather to
forge new friendships, and share their triumphs and challenges.