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SLOANE, IOWA. (Feb. 1, 2018) – Undefeated super middleweight prospects *Ronald
Ellis*and *Junior Younan* made weight on Thursday for their 10-round main
event matchup *tomorrow/Friday on ShoBox: The New *live on
*SHOWTIME®* *(10p.m.
ET/PT)* from *WinnaVegas Casino Resort *in *Sloane, Iowa.*
Younan (13-0, 9 KOs), a former amateur standout, is a highly-touted
prospect from Brooklyn taking a major step-up in class against Ellis
(14-0-1, 10 KOs), the 2010 National Golden Gloves Champion with two ShoBox
appearances under his belt. Both prospects will fight in their first
scheduled 10-round bout in Friday’s main event.

Cleveland native Thomas Mattice (10-0, 8 KOs) and seasoned prospect Rolando
Chinea (15-1-1, 6 KOs) meet in the eight-round lightweight co-feature.
Mattice, a former sparring partner of Adrien Broner and Shawn Porter, faces
his toughest opponent in Chinea, who enters Friday’s co-feature having beat
three previously undefeated fighters in his last four bouts.

In the opening bout of the telecast, Philadelphia’s Sam Teah (12-1-1, 5
KOs) takes on Cleveland’s undefeated Montana Love (8-0, 4 KOs) in an
eight-round super lightweight matchup. Love, the 2012 National Golden
Gloves Bronze Medalist, makes his national television debut on just four
days’ notice, while Teah returns to ShoBox looking to hand another opponent
the first loss of their career.

The event is promoted by GH3 Promotions in association with Roc Nation
Sports, Victory Promotions, and Ringside Ticket. Tickets are just $10
general admission prior to the event and $20 on Feb. 2. For more
information call: 1.800.HOT.WINN ext. 7117.


*Super Middleweights – 10 Rounds*
*Ronald Ellis: 166 ½ Pounds*
*Junior Younan: 166 ½ Pounds*

*Lightweights – Eight Rounds*
*Thomas Mattice: 133 ¾ Pounds*
*Rolando Chinea: 132 ¾ Pounds*

*Super Lightweights – Eight Rounds*
*Sam Teah: 139 ¼ Pounds*
*Montana Love: 141 ½ Pounds*


“This fight means the most to me because it’s my first main event. I’ve got
to win and win decisively, and look real good for the fans watching on TV.
If I win, I’ll be right there with the guys like David Benavidez and Ronald
Gavril. I’ll be ready to take that next step.

“I let him do all the talking. We’ll just get cracking when we get in
there. I’m smarter than him, and I’ll let my hands do the talking.

“He says he might bring it to me but that’s going to be bad news for him.
He likes to fight in flurries and then backs off. We’re not going to let
him get away with it.

“We sparred years ago, but he was just warming me up though.

“It’s another fight, another day. I have been here before, and he hasn’t.

“We have to make it look good. The main goal is to win decisively. After
this, I want to mix it up with all the top guys in the super middleweight

“I’m looking to make a statement. This is a step-up test for me. But I’m
coming here to pass the test.

“I feel like this is the right time. I feel like I’m in the best shape of
my life. If I’m not ready now I’m not ever going to be ready. It’s time to

“He comes in good shape and he comes to fight, but I don’t think he has
anything special though.

“My best talent is I can adjust. I’m not a one-dimensional fighter. At the
end of the day, I can do whatever he wants to do, and I can do it better
than him.

“We sparred and I honestly don’t think he’s that good. I didn’t think much
of him. We’re sparring with elite fighters. He isn’t bringing anything we
haven’t seen.

“This is my time. I’m fully focused now. I’ve dedicated my entire being to
this fight. Before I was young and I wanted to have fun. The past 12 weeks
I didn’t miss a day in the gym.

“At the end of the day, I want a world title. And I’m not far from reaching
my dream. I can’t make mistakes right now.”

“You have to have tunnel vision. I’m not worried about the lights and TV.
When I get in there it’s a fight.

“Sparring with (Adrien) Broner, (Shawn) Porter, (Robert) Easter, it’s been
a great learning experience. I probably learned the most from Easter and
Broner. With Shawn, he was strong and I held my own.

“It’s a big step up for me, but I’m ready.

“I am going to box and follow my game plan. Chinea is a durable guy – he
puts the pressure on you, and tries to break you down in the second half of
the fight.

“If everything goes as I plan, the fight not go the distance. This will be
a good win.”

“People keep looking past me. I don’t know when they are going to learn,
but if they keep looking past me I’m going to keep bringing it.

“At the end of the day, you can come in with a name but that doesn’t make
you a name. I’m living off nobody’s legacy. I bring my A-game every time.
Some things in this sport you can’t teach and I think I have those

“I always liked watching guys that like to keep the action going. In this
sport if you’re going to win you have to dictate a fight and throw punches.
You have to keep throwing if you’re going to win.

“My experience is an advantage. I been here and done that and he is just
getting his feet wet.

“My mindset is that I have this chip on my shoulder. Nobody believes in me
and I just keep proving everyone wrong. This won’t be an upset when I win.”

“I’ve progressed so much mentally and physically since my last fight on
ShoBox. My team has really developed and they help me get better every day.

“He’s a slick southpaw, but we’ve been in the gym preparing for southpaws.
I’ve been working with Tevin Farmer, Ray Robinson, (Sergey) Lipinets. We’ve
been getting good work in the gym.

“At the end of the day, I was getting ready for a southpaw. We’ll make
whatever adjustments we need to make when we get in the ring. We’ll do
whatever it takes to win.

“Every name they’ve thrown at me I’ve accepted. After this fight, I’m ready
for whatever.

“We’re going to start it off for Philly this weekend. After I win on
Friday we’ll
enjoy the Eagles’ win on Sunday.

“I am in the same boat as the last ShoBox fight. I’m facing another
undefeated fighter and I’m ready to take another ‘0’.”

“When I heard I was on TV I said ‘let’s go, sign the contract.’

“Teah is a boxer-mover. We’re going to outshoot him with sharp shots.

“I’m versatile. If an opponent comes and wants to crack, we can crack. But
if you want to box I can pick you apart.

“I think the time is right for me. I’ve been getting great sparring, I just
left camp with Robert Easter. I’ve been in with Broner, Devin Alexander.
The time is right. I’ve been doing this since I was five years old.

“We train to go eight, 10 rounds. It’s not a problem for me.”