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By Kevin Davis

In the first bout of the night Cesar Ruiz from Chicago Illinois beat another hometown undefeated fighter in Ruben Schobitz on friday night. Ruiz applied vicious amount of pressure on Schobitz and forced him to fight on his back foot. Schobitz tried his best to keep the stronger fighter Ruiz at bay with his technique, but the will of Ruiz was enough to earn him a victory over the favorite Schobitz.

Aidar Sharibayev vs Orlando Perez seemed like it would be over early as Aidar jumped on him early and scored two first round knockdowns but Perez made some noise after that a gave Aidar some brief moments, showing he is most dangerous when he is hurt.After scoring another knockdown in the third round Aidar was starting to wear down Perez, and stopping him in the round 7.

Giovanni Mioletti and William Hernandez fight was a bout between two undefeated prospects. First round was more of a feel out round but it was Hernanadez landing the hard thunder early. Mioletti seemed bothered by the counter punching of Hernandez who was covering up and striking the slower Mioletti. Hernandez skill showed up again in round three, as he kept changing angles on the slow foot Mioletti. Sharp right hand counters landed almost at will making this fight one sided but Mioletti was still fighting hard. Gio makde a late rally in round five, bringing the group to it’s feet but still the cleaner shots are being landed by Hernandez. In round six Gio is starting to wear down Hernandez with his size as fatigue as one side is screaming for Willie and the other side is screaming for Gio and great fight to the finish. Gio gets a unanimous decision in a shocker to the crowd.

Brenda Gonzalez vs Jessica McCaskill made ladies night a violent night, when these two women collided in the ring. McCaskill know as the CasKilla she went to work early using her power and boxing skill. Gonzales landed some hard shots as Jessica came in which turned the fight into a slug fest as both women went toe to toe landing bombs in a action packed first round. Round two was more of the same with Jessica using more of her jab trying to control the action but Gonzales is from Mexico and she can take it as she came back with shots turning the fight into another slug fest. Jessica big shots are starting to slow down the activity of Gonzales who just doesn’t have the defense or the skill to keep Jessica at bay. Jessica is just pouring it on as Gonzales is just in survival mode now but Jessica is showing us her total skill in the ring. Jessica wins unanimously.

Shawn Simpson vs Jose Elizondo, from the opening bell Simpson was dictating the pace use his jab to set up the action, Jose landed a hard right hand in the round to get Simpsons attention. In round two Simpson was controlling the action before Jose landed a devastating right hand that sent Simpson backwards. Using his skills he tied up Jose and got his head clear and his experience began to show, as he brought the fight to Jose and his defense was much sharper. Simpson who has a tremendous amateur background used that experience as he broke down and her determined Jose Elizondo. As the fight went on it was clear that Simpson class was too great for him to handle and it became a survival test for Jose, as Simpson won by unanimous decision.

Josh Hernandez vs Gavino Guaman, In a shocker, Josh who came into this fight undefeated, was stopped by TKO in the first round with an overhand right. The referee saw that Josh was in no shape to continue as the bout was called.