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Windy City Fight Night Boxing 7-29-2017

In the opening bout, Vernon Brown from Chicago 5-0 took on Shaun Lee Henson from the bell started with hard left hand shots to the body and head, Which proved to be too much for Henson. Sub Zero improved to 6-0 after Henson couldn’t make the bell after the first round.


The second bout was the debut of Nick Brindise the hard hitting left hook bomber, who fights like a bear going to was as he and Donte Bryant went toe to toe as Bryant was hurt early in round 1, as he touched the canvas but it was Brindise bringing the thunder. At the end of round 2 Bryant body work was paying off as he was slowing down Brindise. Bryant stole round 3 with body and head combinations, as both had their moments. In the final round, both men went toe to toe with Bryant taking the round but losing the round which caused a split decision with the knockdown being the difference in the fight, as Brindise wins his debut.

Shawn Simpson vs Sergio Najera was a fight that took a turn for the eventful, because Simpson hurt his hand in round 1 and had to box to survive,but his skill from experience guided him through, to an unanimous victory.

Yousif Saleh vs Tommy Bryant was interesting due to the wild rough style of Bryant. leading with his head and arms this made for a foul fest with Yousif winning an unanimous decision. Not to the pleasure of Bryant who also started another fight with Yousif outside the ring.

Fight of the night was a rematch between Josh Hernandez and Gavino Guaman, Hernandez wanted to avenge his only defeat. Guaman knocked Hernandez out in round 1 in their last fight and in this fight he almost did it again as he dropped Hernandez from a looping right hand in the first round, but he allowed Hernandez back into the fight by throwing so many power punches, he punched himself out and Hernandez boxing skills were able to take over. Hernandez went down later again in the forth round but came back strong as his body attack paid off by landing 12 straight body shots in the 5th round and dropped Guaman to a knee. In round 6 Guaman gave it his all but Hernandez was able to take the shots and dug down deep to comeback and win by stopping Guaman in the last round.

The ladies came in and took stage, as Jessica “casKILLA” McCaskill took on the tough and determined Natalie Brown, Brown came out strong but McCaskill counter shots dazed and stunned Brown and as she stumbled away the ref stopped the bout a bit too soon.  McCaskill win by TKO in round 2.

The main event didn’t really get off the ground as Ramiro Carrillo took on Antonio Canas which ended via headbutt and the bout was ruled a No Decision.