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Windy City Fight Night results from Saturday night

By Kevin Davis

Warrior’s Boxing presented the next installment of their “Windy City Fight Night” on Saturday night in Chicago, with a seven-bout card at the UIC Pavilion. Starting the night off was Ruben Schobitz vs Joe Blair. Blair came out hard in the first round very aggressive and wild then boom a slip called a knockdown, seem to cause a panic and Blair became more aggressive recklessly and Schobitz took full advantage hurting him with sharp body punches and over hand right hands. at the end of 4 rounds it was a unanimous decision for Ruben Schobitz.

Jessica McCaskill vs Carla Torres which could have been fight of the night. Carla Torres from Cleveland gave Jessica all she could handle in the action packed bout Torres came in with massive energy as she landed the cleaner punches early on but McCaskill size and power was starting to wear down the smaller sharper Torres both women worked throughout the bout going toe to toe. All scores were 39-37 for McCaskill in a fight I scored a draw.

Martez McGregor vs Cesar Ruiz Which was clearly upset of the night, McGregor came out fast with trying to counter but Ruiz pressure paid off as he landed a right hand bomb that left McGregor out on his feet as the ref gave him a knockdown count even though he hadn’t touched the canvas. McGregor came on strong trying to withstand the storm of Ruiz but the Mexican provided us with a power show as he landed a devasting overhand right that ended the night for Mcgregor who got up but the ref said was unable to continue.

Yousif Saleh vs Luis Ramos was over before it started. Yousif came out sharp countering Ramos from the opening bell then a big left counter from Saleh put Ramos on the ropes but out on his feet. In round two much of the same with no return of fire from Ramos forced the ref to stop the fight.

Antony Abbruzzese vs Achour Esho, the headlines turned out to be a barn burner as these two went toe to toe in a thrilling bout. Anthony surprised Esho early with counter lefts and sharp right hands which stunned Escho and gave Anthony a 10-8 round as it looked close to being stopped early and in round two echo was applying smart pressure and Anthony was scoring proundly, looking to take the round easy but with 15 seconds left in round two  Escho landed a straight right while Anthony was pulling back. Anthony got up only to be floored 3 more times, before a right uppercut ended the night for Anthony in the 3rd round.

Shawn Simpson vs Leonardo Reyes, Simpson came out sharp and patient, simpson body shots wore down the spirit of reyes who couldn’t return the fire as simpson. In round two, Simpson came out strong to finish the bout but Reyes is just tough as he stayed in the fight backing up trying to jab from time to time.Round Three More of the same as Simpson telegraphed his shots but seems to have some issues with his right hand. In the final round much more of the same with Simpson controlling the action for an easy unanimous victory. Simpson may have had an injury coming into the fight with his right hand but was still good enough to box to a victory.

Josh Hernandez v Thomas Smith, In the final bout of the night, two equally skilled fighter went face two face with each other in a clash of two styles. The fight started fast with both guys trying to find there position, Smith is sharp and fast but not as schooled as Hernandez who had the hometown crowd on his side. In round two the nerves settle down and both fighters had there moments with Smith using his athletic skills to move and land while Hernandez is using his experience.In round 3 it was more of the same with Hernandez chasing the fast footed smith around the ring.In round 4 Smith landed the more telling shots as he moved around the ring and Hernandez was stuck doing the same moves over and over. In round 5 Smith stayed in front of Hernandez more giving Hernandez the chance to land big telling shots as Smith kept his chin far in the air. Smith does cut him in the 5th round with a left hook, In round 6 both guys show there heart as the crowd screamed for Josh Hernandez to pull him to victory, as he landed the more telling blows in the bout. Great fight by both guys.